Why Macon, Georgia Is The Place You Need To Be

Why Macon, Georgia Is The Place You Need To Be

Macon, Georgia lies near the geographic center of the state, approximately 85 miles (137 km) south of Atlanta. Hence, the city’s nickname “The Heart of Georgia.” Moreover, with its incredible architecture, rich history, and a soulful musical heritage have branded Macon “Where Soul Lives.” 

Macon’s Tourism

Did you know that Macon’s tourism generates an average of $400 million annually and supports about 4,000 jobs? In fact, tourism in Macon brings over $55 million back to the local economy.  Every night about 10,000 visitors stay in Macon, Bibb County Georgia. 


Inspire your senses at any number of the town’s unique restaurants, each with their own local flavor and story to tell. Comfort yourself with the down-home cooking of fried chicken, collard greens, and meatloaf at H&H Soul Food. Enjoy a quick lunch at Nu-Way Weiners, one of the oldest and most delicious hot dog stands in the country. Or dress up and enjoy a fine dining farm-to-table experience at Dovetail, where only the freshest ingredients are served. 


Macon hosts a variety of retail options. For instance, their open-air malls, such as the Shoppes at River Crossing, offer delicious dining options. In addition, Yesterday’s Antique Market connects you to Macon’s historic past with its unique antique finds. Furthermore, area farmers’ markets introduce you to friendly locals and their fresh, home-grown products. 


Macon Georgia’s largest festivals are the International Cherry Blossom Festival, Mulberry Street Arts Festival, Fired Works, Pan-African Festival, Bragg Jam, Macon Film Festival, and the Ocmulgee Indian Celebration. These popular events happen between March and September. 


Macon is the city where music legends are born. Visit any one of their museums from The Big House (where the Allman Brothers Band created Southern rock), to the Tubman Museum (where Little Richard’s piano that played so many soulful tunes is on display). On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, you can catch a live performance of local artists ranging from country to R&B. 

History and Culture

History is everywhere in Macon, Georgia, from museums and historic homes to the Ocmulgee National Monument built by ancient Indian tribes thousands of years before us. Tour the breathtaking architecture from the days of the Civil War that bring to life the stories of the past. 

Southern Charm

Southern charm can be seen in the friendly smiles of locals crossing the street, in the scent of 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees blossoming in the spring, and in the soul food and farm-to-table dishes of our restaurants.

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