Never Worry About Your B&B Personality Again

Never Worry About Your B&B Personality Again

Do you know that your B&B has a brand personality? Just like each person has their own unique personality. Thus, it is important to accurately define your brand personality so that it resonates with your ideal B&B guest. For it to resonate well with others, it must give guests a positive feeling, emotional response, or opinion. 

Brand Personality

Investopedia is an organization whose mission is to simplify complex financial information and decisions for their readers. They identified five main types of brand personality. In addition, they also describe their common traits. We apply each of these five personality types to their own unique style of B&B hospitality and amenities. Moreover, this relates to our blog post about your B&B’s core values


Common traits for brands known for excitement as well as being spirited and youthful. Perhaps you live near a local college or university. Similarly, you may also be near a well-loved amusement park or a place that offers hot air balloon rides. In addition, you may be young innkeepers just getting started. Be sure to share this excitement in your messaging and images.


Popular traits for brands identified as sincere are kindness, thoughtfulness, and being family oriented. Your B&B may be a historic Victorian property. You may feature family-friendly rooms (rather than offer adults-only accommodations). Perhaps you have a large property with plenty of room for guests to bring their dogs.


Common qualities of ruggedness are rough, tough, outdoorsy, and athletic. Your B&B could be a lodge located near mountain trails with guests who enjoy skiing or ziplining. Alternatively, you may offer waterfront views with guests who like canoeing or whitewater rafting.


Competent brands are seen as successful, accomplished, influential, and are highlighted by leadership. Perhaps you have a conference space and can host your own leadership retreats. Maybe you are located near the headquarters of several large companies. Likewise, your B&B may be the most successful B&B in your area. Thus, it is wise to continue doing what you’re doing.


Brands known for being sophisticated are viewed as elegant, prestigious, and sometimes even pretentious. You may be known for your diamond rating, your superior linens, your gourmet cuisine, and the finest spa services. Hence, the guests who choose you are the kind of people who appreciate the finest things life has to offer.


Most importantly, embrace who you are. Then, your ideal guests will love you for it. Of course, be sure to highlight your own B&B personality to guests. For example, this includes your website, email marketing, social media, phone conversations, and in-person guest communication.

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