Why Successful People Know Their Core Values

Why Successful People Know Their Core Values

Identifying (and living out) your core values increases the likelihood for B&B innkeepers & other business owners to be successful. When we identify our goals, we can implement the steps required to make them happen.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

  • “What do I want my B&B to be known for?”
  • “What do my guests value?”
  • “Which compliments do I receive the most from guests?”
  • “How can I stand out from other accommodations?”
  • “How do I want guests to feel during their stay?”

Hospitality Defined:

Since core values shape everything we do, they help us choose how we live, run our businesses, and measure our success. Hospitality is defined as “the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers”. Another definition of hospitality is “the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.” Genuine smiles welcome guests.

Core Hospitality Values:

Because every place of accommodations (as well as the owners/innkeepers) is different, it follows that the core values will not be exactly the same. Each inn has its own personality and priorities. Core hospitality values can include:

  • Exceeding guest expectations (hospitality, accommodations, amenities, & more)
  • Paying attention to important details (including special occasions for guests)
  • Being available when needed (yet respecting guests’ need for privacy)
  • Offering luxurious, comfortable, and clean accommodations
  • Communicating effectively with guests (to ensure the best guest experience possible)
  • Extending polite courtesy, respect, and discretion to guests at all times
  • Offering handicap accessible accommodations so more guests can stay
  • Expressing gratitude to guests for choosing to stay with you
  • Listening to guest concerns with the goal of resolving any perceived challenges
  • Being a resource to guests for not only hospitality, but also local area information
  • Providing a safe clean place for guests to relax and enjoy themselves
  • Being warm, friendly, thoughtful, timely, understanding, and trustworthy to guests
  • Attending to guest satisfaction and value throughout their stay

Share Your Core Values:

It is important to list your core values on your website and blog as well as share in your social media and e-newsletters. Be sure to list if you have won any hospitality awards or are members of prestigious groups like Select Registry or Historic Hotels of America. Let your core values serve as a way to distinguish your inn from that of your competition.

Experts recommend having anywhere between three to nine core values. Enough to show you have set expectations for offering a unique culture, yet few enough for guests to understand and remember.

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