Are You In The Right Bed and Breakfast Niche?

Are You In The Right Bed and Breakfast Niche?

A bed and breakfast niche is an area of specialty that your bed and breakfast offers. Some say that if you try to attract everyone, that you will attract no one. Author and real estate lawyer Bruce M. Stachenfeld explains that a “power niche” is a “small-sized niche within a bigger industry that no one else dominates or owns.”

Be Unique

Your accommodations could be the only one in your area with this unique niche. The key is to become the obvious choice. This happens by selecting a niche that is not too big (where you are not the obvious first choice) or too small (where there is not enough guest demand in the marketplace). With the right niche, since the pond is smaller, you look like a big fish. Thus, you attract more of your ideal guests.

Your Goal

Your goal should not be to appeal to everyone. Rather, to have a tiny bit of the market want you in the worst way. This allows you to target your marketing to a much smaller group. Think about the following questions:

  • How will you stand out from other hospitality providers?
  • How will you be different?
  • Who are you trying to attract as guests?
  • Why should guests want to stay with you?

Your Bed and Breakfast Niche

In considering who you want to attract as guests, think about what amenities you have as well as what attracts local guests to your local area. When you are the only accommodations in your area to offer specific amenities, services, and packages or cater to a specific niche, that makes you appeal even more to guests.

Your Story

Guests can be inspired by the story of why you are in business. How can you stand out and be more memorable? Share your story and build the right bed and breakfast niche!

Our B&B Consulting Niche

If you are looking to buy or sell an inn or to improve your B&B inn’s success, please contact Rob Sales of B&B Consulting. Rob has owned and operated bed and breakfasts. He is an experienced, licensed real estate agent specializing in the B&B market. That is our B&B Consulting niche!