How To Accomplish Your Bed and Breakfast Goals

How To Accomplish Your Bed and Breakfast Goals

People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. We recommend you write down your bed and breakfast goals for next year. To start, use the famous (and easy to remember) SMART acronym to make decisions.  This will help you accomplish your bed and breakfast goals. Moreover, you will achieve your bed and breakfast dreams!


First of all, make sure that your goals are quite specific.  Then, ask yourself some questions.

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • What is our unique mission (e.g., to be an earth friendly bed and breakfast)?
  • Are guests coming to our local area for a specific reason or activity?
  • What types of repeat guests would we like to attract?
  • What do guests tell us they like about our inn?


Goals need to be measurable to know if you have reached them. Thus, quantifying your goals gives you something to strive for.

  • By what percentage do we want our occupancy rates to go up?
  • How many more B&B packages could we sell this year?
  • How can we reduce our expenses?
  • What are our profit goals for next year?


Goals need to be reachable to motivate you to achieve them.  Thus, setting “impossible” goals does not help you.  Therefore, make it a goal that is a stretch but doable.

  • How many blog posts could we write this year?
  • How many e-newsletters should we produce?
  • What social media campaigns could we do?
  • Do we need to change our reservation software to give us better results?


Goals need to be suitable to what your inn and your local area offers.  In other words, represent what your guests can expect from their stay with at your bed and breakfast.

  • What inn amenities could we promote?
  • Do we offer any of the following options: a restaurant, a gift shop, or a spa?
  • Do we have up-to-date pictures of our bed and breakfast and food?
  • Can our potential guests be confident that their health, safety, and well-being is our highest priority?
  • Do we communicate our commitment to offering our guests friendly hospitality?


Give yourself a deadline. This makes your bed and breakfast goals even more real.  Unfortunately, vague goals do not equal results. The more concrete your goals, the greater the chance you will achieve them.

  • What days each month do we consistently write and share our blog posts?
  • By what date should our bed and breakfast website be redesigned?
  • When do we need to finish this renovation project?
  • No later than what date should we put up our new bed and breakfast sign (or another time-bound goal)?

Thus, success does not happen by accident, but through dedication and SMART goal planning.  What goals does your inn have for the coming year? We would love to help you achieve your B&B goals and dreams. B&B Realtor/Consultant Rob Sales and all of us at B&B Consulting, wish you a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year!