We serve consulting services for Bed & Breakfast in three distinct groups, the Seller, the Buyer, and as well as Real Estate Agents or brokers who have secured for the purchase of a B&B.

For the Seller

  • List your property on our site.
  • Prepare your property for resale.
  • Evaluation of the marketplace, setting a price, and how to best position yourself competitively.
  • Recommend small investments that have big payoffs.
  • Present your property and business clearly, and as well as concisely for marketing.

For the Buyer

  • On-site evaluation of the property, the business itself, and the area for potential growth.
  • Amenities that are or could be available.
  • Business plan including best practices for operations.
  • Marketing plan recommendations.

For the Real Estate Agent or Broker 

  • With a customer seeking information on how to purchase a B&B for sale.
  • With an Innkeeper needing an evaluation on their property for a potential sale.
    • We work in cooperation, not a competition with Realtors to ensure a successful sale in any of three states.
    • We assist you in maintaining the buyer as well as realtor relationships even if the buyer opts to buy in a different city.
    • You can list your client’s property on our site.
    • Evaluation of the property, the business itself, and the area for potential growth.

We give full consulting services for Innkeepers and Bed & Breakfast for sale in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and as well as Florida. Please reach us if you have some questions regarding Innkeepers consulting services for Bed & Breakfast.


Licensed Broker and Realtor in 4 States

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