We serve consulting services in three distinct groups, the Seller, the Buyer, and as well as Real Estate Agents or brokers who have secured for the purchase of a Bed and Breakfast.


For the Seller

  • List your property on our site (form)
  • Prepare your property for resale
  • Evaluation of the market place, setting a price and how to best position yourself competitively
  • Recommend small investments that have big payoffs
  • Present your property and business clearly, and as well as concisely for marketing

For the Buyer

  • On-site evaluation of the property, the business itself and the area for potential growth
  • Amenities that are or could be available
  • Business plan including best practices for operations
  • Marketing plan recommendations


For the Real Estate Agent or Broker 

  • With a customer seeking information on how to purchase a Bed and Breakfast.
  • With an Innkeeper needing an evaluation on their property for a potential sale.
    • We work in cooperation, not a competition with Realtors to ensure a successful sale in any of three states.
    • We assist you in maintaining the buyer as well as realtor relationships even if the buyer opts to buy in a different city.
    • As well as, You can list your client’s property on our site (form).
    • Evaluation of the property, the business itself, and the area for potential growth.

We provide a full-service consulting service for future innkeepers and current inn owners in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and as well as Florida. Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding our consulting services.

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