How to Use Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Inn

How to Use Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Inn

Social media can be used to effectively promote your B&B inn. It is important for innkeepers to stay top of mind to potential guests (as well as to previous guests). Having a consistent presence on social media is a compelling way to be more visible.

Your Ideal Guests

Do you know the ideal guests for your accommodations? What you say in your social media messaging should attract those guests. Think about what will attract them to your accommodations. Perhaps you attract adventure lovers who want to go hiking, skiing, or zip-lining. Share pictures and links to local attractions your guests love.

Your Lodging Brand

Know your main messages and topics. What does your lodging brand represent? This includes your values (like being eco-friendly) and your reputation (such as for hosting romantic overnight stays). By consistently sharing content with specific keywords and attractive pictures, you can become known for what you do. This is part of branding your hospitality business.

Your Unique Selling Points

Feature what makes your property unique. Show potential guests why YOUR property should be where they choose to stay next. This could be a variety of things:

  • Growing your own vegetables so your food is farm fresh
  • Offering pet-friendly rooms with separate entrances
  • Accommodating guests with allergies (or on restricted diets)
  • Showing films in your movie screening room
  • Pampering guests with spa services (or even your on-site spa)
  • Being near a beautiful park or scenic nature trails
  • Providing an extensive wine list at your inn’s restaurant

Your Blog Posts

Sharing blog posts across your social media is an excellent way to attract viewers to visit your website. The search engines reward you for sharing fresh content by increasing your visibility online. Guests searching for topics related to your area can find your blog post and decide to book your accommodations.

Your Hashtags

Use hashtags so the reach of your content spreads to those searching for that term. Hashtags can relate to location, holiday, activities, newsworthy events, sports, and more. A word of caution is that you must know exactly what the hashtags are about to avoid misusing a hashtag. Better yet, have your own hashtag that you consistently use. This could include part of your B&B’s name.

Your Call to Action

Always have a call to action. Know what you want your audience to do in response to your social media content. This could be visiting your website, subscribing to your blog, booking a room, or scheduling you to host their private event. Your call to action could be to visit another social media channel of yours. For example, you can use Facebook to share about your new Pinterest board (which could be focused on something timely like an upcoming holiday or event).

Your Reputation & Media Attention

Monitor what people are saying about you and your local area online. You can even issue a press release to attract media attention. This could be about a recent addition to your inn or a new package that you now offer your guests. Earning media attention means free publicity for you and your B&B.

Your Social Media Content

Social Media Content Ideas:

  • Behind the scenes information and pictures (including photos and fun facts about your inn)
  • Breakfast pictures (share yummy looking images, recipes, and details about your breakfasts)
  • Inside tips about where to go in your local area (including parks, shops, and restaurants

Your B&B Business

It is better to be consistent about using a few social media platforms than to only occasionally try to be everywhere in social media. Choose the social media channels that make the most sense for your inn. Many innkeepers use Facebook and Instagram. A growing number are recognizing the value of being on Pinterest. Be on the social media channels where your guests are most likely to be. For example, if you have a conference room and/or attract many business travelers to your area, then it is a good idea to be on LinkedIn.

B&B Consulting

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