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Key Bed and Breakfast Trends So You Can Stay on the Cutting Edge of the Hospitality Industry

Bed and breakfast trends are important to recognize. This is especially true for those who own and operate inns. We share information found in the latest bed and breakfast reports, including statistics and estimated sales, as well as key business trends and industry opportunities.For your convenience, we also include links to our related blog posts.

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Do You Know the Reasons Why Your Guests Stay with You?

Guests choose to stay at your accommodations for a variety of reasons. Knowing why your guests choose to stay with you is essential to growing your bed and breakfast business. First, we will include reasons why this is important for B&B owners and innkeepers to know. Secondly, we will discuss how you can better understand

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22 Famous Sleep Quotes You Should Know About The Importance of Guests Receiving Quality Rest

B&B Consulting presents 22 famous sleep quotes about the benefits of bedtime. Feeling rested and getting enough sleep is essential to everyone’s health. B&B owners & innkeepers, it is a necessity to offer your guests quality sleep on a comfortable mattress. They are much more likely to return when they have fond memories of restful

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Attract a Flood of New B&B Guests That Pay, Stay, and Refer

Attract new B&B guests and encourage former guests to return. Dan S. Kennedy’s book Magnetic Marketing: How to Attract a Flood of New Customers That Pay, Stay, and Refer shares some actionable advice that can be applied to hospitality.Know Who You Want to AttractAccording to Dan, priority number one is that you must know WHO you

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