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Bed and Breakfast Landscaping

Bed and Breakfast Landscaping That Looks Good All Year Long

Bed and Breakfast landscaping is one of the first things guests notice, whether they are viewing it from a picture online or driving by. Thus, the first impression (also known as “curb appeal”) that others have of your property matters.  Bed & Breakfast Curb Appeal As a B&B Owner and Innkeeper, you desire to make

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green intiatives

Green Initiatives Your Hospitality Accommodations Can Implement To Improve Your Bottom Line and the Health of Our Planet

Hospitality accommodations, including bed and breakfast inns, are increasingly participating in green initiatives. However, what is right for one inn may not be right — or achievable — for others. Of course, implementing green initiatives take time. What matters is continuing to make progress and effectively communicating improvements to your guests. If you’re interested in winning

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summer gardening summer produce summer blooming flowers

Ideal Summer Gardening Ideas and Inspiration for Your Hospitality Accommodations

Summer gardening season starts at the end of June and lasts through the end of September. First, hospitality properties, like yours, benefit from summer gardening for various reasons. Second, we will look at some great ideas for flower gardens for the summer season. Third, we will share summer fruit and vegetable produce garden inspiration. Lastly,

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tall tree

Why You Must Plant Trees Now While You Still Can

Plant trees. Did you know that our planet is currently losing forests at a staggering rate? We’re losing more than 18 million acres of forests every year. That’s about 27 soccer fields of forest lost every minute!  Since 2010, EARTHDAY.ORG™ has planted tens of millions of trees with The Canopy Project. This improves our shared environment

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