Communications Blog Posts

Commuinication Blog Posts

Communications Blog Posts Features:

  • Effective Ways to Blog About Your B&B

  • How Your Inn Can Earn Free Publicity

  • Social Media Best Practices to Attract Guests

  • and more!

Pinterest B&B Consulting

What You Need To Know About Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent way to share images and content to promote your bed and breakfast inn. We will be discussing the benefits of using Pinterest as well as best practices. Moreover, we feature (in alphabetical order) ten different hospitality accommodations (located within North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia) who have Pinterest accounts.  Pinterest By

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How To Earn Free Press For Your B&B

It is easier than you think to earn free press for your B&B inn. Are you media-friendly? Why not make it easy for a journalist or reporter to do a story on your bed and breakfast? Create a press kit on your website.  Consider asking, “Are you a journalist working on a story about inns or

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Why You Must Arm Yourself With The Right Words

The right words can make all the difference. Getting guests to book a stay, or motivating aspiring innkeepers to purchase your inn, it is essential we use language that helps us sell and succeed. These words come from Robert W. Bly’s book, The Big Book of Words That Sell: 1200 Words and Phrases That Every

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25 Ways To Write Creative Blog Posts

If you started reading this, then we assume you’re looking to be creative (and definitely not boring) when you write creative blog posts.  This way you’ll attract plenty of B&B guests as well as interest in your local area. Here are twenty-five ways to write creative blog posts: 1. Advice You have unique advice that only

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