How To Create Incredible Reading Spaces That Impress Your Guests

How To Create Incredible Reading Spaces That Impress Your Guests

Creating comfortable reading spaces can make your guests happier. Moreover, it gives your bed and breakfast a special touch that stands out.

Whether you have a large estate or a small inn, there are many ways to design comfy corners or big libraries. Thus, these can be places where guests love to relax and enjoy.

First, we’ll show you how to make these inviting reading areas, no matter how big or small your B&B is. For instance, from small, cozy spots to impressive libraries, you’ll see that making these spaces is easy and fun.

Second, let’s see how these well-designed reading areas can make your guests’ stay even better. Moreover, you will leave them with great memories.

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Understanding Your Reading Spaces

First, take a good look at how much space you have. This will help you decide if you can create small reading nooks, a full library, or maybe even both.

Next, think about who stays at your B&B. Different types of guests might enjoy different kinds of books or seating. Therefore, knowing what your guests like helps you create the perfect spot for them.

This way, your reading areas will meet your guests’ actual needs, making their stay more enjoyable. Thus, you can use this information to shape your reading spaces just right.

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Choosing the Right Location(s)

Choosing the perfect spots for your reading spaces is important. Moreover, ensure these locations promote guest relaxation and comfort.

For Reading Nooks:

  • Find quiet corners or areas that aren’t used much.
  • Look for places away from busy spots.
  • Small spaces can become cozy retreats.

For Libraries:

  • Pick a larger, more open area.
  • Think about using rooms that aren’t used often.
  • Common areas can also work well.

Ensure the reading spaces are easy to reach, but still feel quiet and peaceful. Therefore, your setup will help your guests unwind. Thus, they will enjoy their reading.

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Furnishing Your Reading Spaces

First, choosing the right furniture is key to creating a great reading space. Thus, seating must be comfortable and furniture should be practical.

Comfortable Seating:

  • Select plush chairs for cozy nooks.
  • Use different types of seating for libraries.
  • Make sure all seating options are comfortable.

Practical Furniture:

  • Choose shelves that fit your space.
  • Compact shelves work well in nooks.
  • Libraries need larger, sturdier shelves.

Therefore, aim for both style and functionality. Thus, this enhances your reading space’s appeal and its usability. Moreover, good furniture invites guests to stay and read.

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Lighting Considerations

Good lighting is crucial for creating the perfect reading space. Moreover, it prevents eye strain and enhances the mood. For instance, here’s how to get it right.

Layered Lighting Considerations:

  • Use soft, ambient lights to create a warm atmosphere.
  • Add task lighting for reading.
  • Layering the lighting makes the space inviting.

Adjustable Lighting:

  • Consider adjustable lights for nooks.
  • Libraries benefit from uniform, gentle illumination.
  • Ensure lights are easy to adjust for comfort.

Thus, ensure each space has appropriate lighting to suit its size and function. Therefore, this enhances both the look and usability of your reading areas. Thus, making guests feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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Curating Books and Materials for Reading Spaces

Choosing the right books can make your reading spaces special. Moreover, including various genres and authors to appeal to more of your guests. For instance, here are some ideas:

Ideas for Media Based on B&B Inn’s Unique Theme:

  • Architecture: Victorian B&Bs can include books on Victorian architecture.
  • Decor Style: Modern inns can feature modern home decor books.
  • Lifestyle: Luxurious inns can offer books about luxury items.

Ideas for Media Based on B&B Inn’s Location:

  • Cultural: Books on local cultures and cuisines.
  • Geography: Books about the beach, mountains, or other local geography.
  • History: Books on the history of the area.
  • Tourism: Guidebooks for local attractions.

Ideas for Media Based on Location of Reading Space:

  • Conference Space: Books on business, technology, and communication.
  • Entertainment Area: Books about sports, games, and recreation.
  • Guest Rooms: Books that match a specific theme, like a time period or animals.
  • Spa (On-site): Books about relaxation, luxury, and amenities.

Maintaining and Updating Collections:

  • Regularly refresh your book selections.
  • Replace worn books and update popular series.
  • Keep the content engaging and relevant.

Therefore, carefully curated collections attract more interest. In addition, they ensure that guests have memorable experiences. Thus, keep your library or nook inviting and dynamic by staying current.

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Art, Decor, and Personal Touches in Reading Spaces

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential for your entire inn, including your reading spaces. Enhance its look with local art and culture.

Adding Comfort & Style:

  • Choose decor that adds warmth and coziness.
  • Use soft rugs, plush pillows, and comfy throws.
  • Opt for calming colors and textures.

Personal Touches:

  • Incorporate elements that reflect your B&B’s theme.
  • Display local artwork or crafts.
  • Add items that tell the story of your location.

Personalized decor makes reading spaces feel special and connects guests to your B&B’s unique identity. Moreover, thoughtful touches encourage relaxation. Thus, you help guests appreciate your setting even more.

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Creating Privacy and Seclusion in Reading Spaces

Creating a welcoming atmosphere is essential for your entire inn, including your reading spaces.

Techniques for Reading Nooks:

  • Use room dividers to separate spaces.
  • Place large plants for natural barriers.
  • Arrange furniture to create secluded corners.

Library Seclusion:

  • Design quiet zones within larger libraries.
  • Use bookshelves as partitions.
  • Ensure areas are set apart for focused reading.

Therefore, creating a sense of privacy invites deeper relaxation. Moreover, it allows guests to fully immerse themselves in their reading without distractions. Thus, these thoughtful arrangements make each visit memorable.

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Popular Home Decor Magazines

These five home decor magazines offer valuable insights and inspiration. This can help bed and breakfast owners and innkeepers, like you, enhance their properties. Thus, making it even more attractive to guests. Plus, you provide guests with a memorable experience. In addition, you may have these magazines on display for your guests to look at.

Architectural Digest

First, Architectural Digest is perfect for bed and breakfast owners looking to infuse luxury and high-end design into their properties. With features on celebrity homes and the latest trends in architecture and interior design, it offers inspiration for creating upscale, sophisticated guest spaces. Thus, this can attract discerning clientele.

Better Homes and Gardens

Second, Better Homes and Gardens provides a comprehensive guide to home and lifestyle topics, making it an excellent resource for innkeepers. For instance, it offers practical tips on home decor, gardening, and DIY projects. This can help create a welcoming and charming atmosphere in your bed and breakfast. Moreover, its recipes and entertaining ideas are also great for enhancing your guests’ experience.


Third, Dwell focuses on modern design, sustainable architecture, and innovative home solutions. For instance, this can be beneficial for bed and breakfast owners looking to incorporate contemporary aesthetics and eco-friendly practices. Thus, its articles can guide you in creating stylish, comfortable, and sustainable guest rooms and common areas.

Elle Decor

Fourth, Elle Decor offers a wealth of interior design inspiration, making it ideal for bed and breakfast owners to create stylish and elegant living spaces. Thus, the magazine covers the latest home decor trends and expert advice, helping you keep your property up-to-date with current design aesthetics.

House Beautiful

Fifth, House Beautiful is a great resource for innkeepers, offering ideas for decorating, renovating, and creating beautiful guest spaces. For example, it features expert tips and inspiring home tours. Moreover, it provides practical advice for making your bed and breakfast more inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Thus, ensuring a memorable stay for your guests.

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Hospitality Considerations

Attention to detail improves the guest experience. In addition, this shows care for their comfort and enjoyment.

Include Thoughtful Additions:

  • Provide bookmarks and blankets.
  • Offer customized book recommendations.
  • Consider adding comfortable reading aids like lap desks.

Host Literary Events and Activities:

  • Organize author readings at your B&B.
  • Start a book club for guests during their stay.
  • Schedule literature-themed evenings or discussions.

Reading spaces help create a community atmosphere. Thus, making guest stays more engaging and memorable.

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Potential Theme Related Reading Spaces

You may want each reading area to carry a theme that matches your property’s style. For instance, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Garden Retreat: Use floral patterns, greenery, and elements of nature. Thus, this will create a tranquil, garden-like setting where guests can relax with a good book.

  • Local Heritage: Highlight the local culture and history through decor, books, and art. Therefore, tell the story of the area. Thus, enhancing the guests’ connection to the location.

  • Modern Minimalist: Use clean lines, minimal decor, and a neutral color palette. Thus, you create a modern and serene reading environment for your guests.

  • Nautical: Use maritime decor like ropes, anchors, and ship models. Perfect for coastal B&Bs, creating a nautical theme.

  • Rustic Cabin: Use woodsy decor, warm lighting, and rustic furniture. Create a cozy, cabin-like atmosphere, ideal for mountain or rural settings.

  • Travel and Adventure: Theme the space with travel books, world maps, and globes. Inspire wanderlust and adventure among guests.

  • Victorian Elegance: Feature Victorian-era furnishings, ornate decorations, and rich fabrics. Transport guests to a more elegant, bygone era.

Thus, choosing a theme can make your reading rooms unique and memorable. Moreover, this adds to the charm of your bed and breakfast.

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Marketing Your Reading Spaces

Effective marketing can attract more guests. For instance, this includes blogging about or sharing images of your reading spaces on social media.

Showcasing in Marketing Materials

  • Highlight your reading nooks and libraries in brochures.
  • Feature them prominently on your website.
  • Include descriptions in your social media posts.

Leveraging Testimonials and Photography

  • Share guest testimonials about their reading experiences.
  • Use high-quality photos to showcase the spaces.
  • Create engaging content that highlights the uniqueness of your literary areas.

Therefore, well-marketed reading spaces can become a key selling point. What’s more, they appeal to guests looking for a tranquil getaway. Thus, this enhances your B&B’s attractiveness. Moreover, it distinguishes your inn from competitors.

B&B Consulting

Investing in well-designed reading spaces greatly improves guest experiences. For instance, these areas add unique charm to your B&B. Moreover, they offer tranquility and a personal touch that guests love.

So, whether it’s a cozy nook or a larger library, these reading spaces encourage relaxation. Therefore, they can become a highlight of a guest’s stay.

When planning these retreats, think about the specific needs of your guests and the unique characteristics of your property. For instance, even small enhancements, like adding local literature or comfortable seating, can make a big difference.

Thus, tailoring these spaces to reflect your B&B’s identity. Moreover, focusing on environment boosts guest satisfaction. In addition, it also increases the chances of return visits.

Embrace the opportunity to create an inviting and memorable experience that sets your property apart. Thus, encourage guests to unwind, escape, and immerse themselves in a good book. In conclusion, your reading spaces can become one of the main reasons your guests choose to return.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a bed and breakfast inn or boutique hotel, contact Rob Sales. As a licensed and experienced hospitality realtor, Rob offers a complimentary phone consultation.