The Hospitality Photographer’s Edge : Elevating Your B&B Inn’s Image with Distinctive Visual Flair

The Hospitality Photographer’s Edge : Elevating Your B&B Inn’s Image with Distinctive Visual Flair

As a professional hospitality photographer, I’m Marcus Berg, and I will share some insider tips and techniques to transform your property photography. In this post, we’ll dive into staging – from the cozy corners of your bedrooms to the welcoming ambience of your common areas, and even the captivating allure of your exterior spaces.

Photography is not just about capturing spaces, it’s about storytelling and creating an irresistible visual invitation to potential guests. So, let’s embark on this journey to elevate your property’s photographic appeal and showcase its unique charm.

outdoor fire pit red Adirondack chairs

Preparing Your Property’s Exterior for Exceptional Photography

As a professional hospitality photographer, I’ve learned that the first impression of a property can make a significant difference. When guests approach your bed and breakfast or small hotel, what do they see? A well-maintained exterior can be just as inviting as the warmth found inside. Here are some tips to ensure your property’s outdoor area is camera-ready:

  • Maintenance is Key: Reflect on your experiences at other properties. What captured your attention? Often, it’s the cleanliness and upkeep of the grounds. A well-groomed exterior suggests care and attention to detail, qualities that resonate with potential guests.
  • Highlight Unique Features: Does your property have a special outdoor element, like a fountain, garden, or unique architectural detail? Make sure these features are clean and prominent, as they can be focal points in photographs that attract guests.
  • Create a Visual Path: Arrange outdoor elements in a way that leads the eye towards the entrance. This visual path not only creates stunning photography, but also creates a welcoming approach for your guests.

Remember, the goal is to create an exterior space that is as photogenic as it is welcoming. A tidy, well-arranged setting not only enhances photographs, but also appeals to the clientele you wish to attract.

breakfast quiche fruit

Enhancing Your Breakfast Presentation in Photography

As a professional hospitality photographer, I understand the importance of showcasing your bed and breakfast or small hotel’s breakfast offerings in the best light. Here are some essential tips for capturing the essence of your breakfast plates:

  • Simplicity in Plate Design: Keep in mind where the focus should be – on the food. If you’re using plates with colorful designs, ensure the food complements these patterns. Generally, a solid-colored or white plate works best, as it allows the food to stand out.
  • Adding a Touch of Elegance: Elevate the presentation with some simple, fresh garnishes. A sprig of parsley or a small edible flower can add a delightful touch and create an appealing visual.
  • Avoid Cluttered Backgrounds: Be cautious with the countertop or surface where the food is placed. While granite countertops are beautiful, their busy patterns can distract from the food. Opt for a simpler backdrop to focus on the meal.
  • Setting the Scene: Don’t just focus on the plate; consider the entire setting. Surround your breakfast plate with elements like a cup of coffee, a glass of juice, neatly folded napkins, and silverware. This helps create a more inviting and realistic scene.
  • Unleash Your Creativity: Finally, use your imagination to make the setting unique and appealing.

Remember, the goal is to entice your audience with a visual story of what it’s like to enjoy a meal at your property.

Decorative anchor, lamp, and coffee mugs on table with view of ocean outside

Incorporating Props in Your Hospitality Photography

As a hospitality photographer addressing bed and breakfast inn owners and small hoteliers, I often get asked about the use of props in photo shoots. The answer is a resounding yes! Props play a crucial role in enriching the story your image tells.

Consider this: a simple photograph of a chair by a pond is pleasant, but imagine the scene transformed with a few carefully chosen props.

  • Draping a cozy throw blanket over the chair
  • Placing an engaging book on the seat
  • Adding a stylish sun hat to elevate the scene
  • Include a beverage on the armrest – something that suits the mood or time of day.

Such details do more than just fill a frame; they invite the viewer to imagine themselves in the setting. It’s about creating a narrative that resonates with your potential guests, enticing them to experience the comfort and charm of your property firsthand. Remember, each prop should contribute to the story you want to convey, creating a vivid, inviting image that captures the essence of your hospitality.

Breakfast Table with View of Outdoor Pool

Mastering the Art of Storytelling in Hospitality Photography

In the realm of hospitality photography, especially for bed and breakfast inn owners and small hoteliers, the concept of storytelling through your images is paramount. Similar to the strategic use of props to set a scene, storytelling in photography is about crafting a narrative.

The key here is to develop a character or an ambiance through a series of images. While wide-angle shots are great for capturing the entirety of a room, they are not always the most effective for storytelling. Instead, focus on creating more intimate, close-up shots. These allow you to capture the essence of your space and tell a story through details.

Pay attention to what fills your frame. The background, the play of light, and the angles that draw the eye are all critical elements. They work together to enhance the subject of your photograph. Think of each image as a chapter in a story, where every element contributes to building an engaging, inviting narrative about your property. This approach not only showcases physical space, but also evokes the unique atmosphere and experience you offer your guests.

Fruit Dish Flowers Blue Table

Capturing the Essence of Your Hospitality Experience

As a professional hospitality photographer, I often advise bed and breakfast inn owners and small hoteliers on how to effectively convey the unique experience of their property through photography. It’s about going beyond just displaying the basic amenities like beds and towels. The key is to infuse creativity and thought into every image.

Rather than merely stacking towels, consider presenting them in a way that showcases both functionality and design. For instance, you might accentuate the towels with a tastefully placed seashell or decorative glass balls. Incorporating elements like a gracefully coiled rope can add an artistic touch, creating a visual appeal that goes beyond the ordinary.

The idea is to integrate your amenities into the broader narrative of what staying at your location is like. It’s about transforming everyday items into components of a larger, more enticing story. This approach not only highlights the features of your property, but also enhances its allure, inviting potential guests to imagine themselves enjoying the unique experience you offer.

Blue and yellow guest room with book on blanket on the bed

Crafting the Perfect Guest Room Scene for Photography

As a professional hospitality photographer, I’d like to share some insights on staging a bedroom for photography that resonates with bed and breakfast inn owners and small hoteliers. The goal is to make the space visually appealing, but also inviting and lived in.

  • Selecting the Right Angle: Begin by choosing an angle that feels welcoming. This perspective should draw viewers into the scene, making them feel as if they could step into the room.
  • Adding Personal Touches: To convey a sense of use and warmth, place a book or magazine casually on the bed. These small details suggest a lived-in, homely atmosphere.
  • Intentional Furniture Placement: Adjust the furniture, like turning a chair towards a focal point, to add a sense of purpose and intentionality to the room’s layout.
  • Incorporating Simple Elements: Place a cup of coffee on the bedside table, perhaps accompanied by a small plant or fresh flowers. These elements add a touch of everyday life and freshness.
  • Creating Depth with Lighting: Utilize natural light by including a window in your shot. Aim for a time when the light is soft and even, such as early morning or early evening, to create a serene atmosphere. Additionally, turning on interior lights can introduce a warm, inviting glow.
  • Opening Up Space: If feasible, open doors and windows. This not only brings in natural light, but also creates a sense of openness and connection to the outside world.

Remember, the objective is to stage the guest room in a way that it not only showcases its best features, but also tells a story of comfort, relaxation, and welcome.

Yello bathroom tub with view of window and basket of bath products and towel

Enhancing Bathroom Photography for Hospitality Spaces

As a professional hospitality photographer, I understand the importance of staging a bathroom to appeal to bed and breakfast inn owners and small hoteliers. Here are some key tips to create a bathroom scene that is both inviting and visually appealing:

  • Emphasize Cleanliness and Simplicity: The bathroom should be immaculately clean, and a minimalist approach often works best. A clutter-free space appears more elegant and welcoming in photographs.
  • Strategic Placement of Towels: Arrange a hand towel neatly next to the sink or drape it elegantly over the edge. This small touch adds a sense of preparedness and care.
  • Incorporate Color with Flowers: Add a burst of color and life to the space with flowers. This not only introduces vibrancy into the image, but also enhances the sense of luxury and attentiveness.
  • Capture Running Water: Turn on the faucet in the sink or the bathtub to create a sense of motion and activity. Running water can convey a feeling of freshness and use, making the bathroom feel more inviting.
  • Include a Robe for a Touch of Luxury: If possible, hang a robe on the shower door or in a spot that looks aesthetically pleasing. This suggests comfort and pampering, which are key aspects of the guest experience.

Remember, the goal is to portray the bathroom not just as a functional space, but as an integral part of the relaxing and luxurious experience your property offers.

Charcuterie Board and Wine on Outdoor Table with red barn in background

Staging Your Foyer or Lobby & Common Areas for Impactful Photography

Crafting the perfect visual narrative for the lobby and common areas of your bed and breakfast or small hotel is a nuanced art. As a professional hospitality photographer, I recommend the following strategies to make these spaces inviting and photogenic:

  • Introduce Elements of Activity: Place items like books, a laptop, or a board game in these areas. These elements should be arranged to suggest light, ongoing activity, giving a sense of life and engagement in the space.
  • Balance with Beverages: Including a few drinks can add a touch of hospitality and relaxation to the setting. However, be mindful not to clutter the scene. A couple of well-placed coffee cups or glasses can convey warmth and welcome.
  • Adhere to the Principle of Minimalism: As I often emphasize, ‘less is more’ in staging for photography. The aim is to enhance the space without overwhelming it. Every item you include should contribute to the overall ambiance and narrative of the area.

Remember, the objective is to capture the essence of these communal spaces in a way that is both inviting and representative of the experience your property offers. The right staging can turn these areas into compelling visual stories that resonate with potential guests.

Sunset view from deck with two chairs, little table, a book, and 2 wine glasses

Optimizing Exterior Photography for Hospitality Properties

For bed and breakfast inn owners and small hoteliers, capturing the exterior of your property in a photograph is less about staging and more about mastering angles and lighting. As a professional hospitality photographer, I’d like to share some tips to enhance the appeal of your exterior shots:

  • Choose the Right Time of Day: The magic of early mornings or dusk cannot be overstated. These times offer soft, natural lighting that can dramatically enhance the beauty of your property.
  • Illuminate Your Space: Turn on all the lights in the building to create a warm, inviting glow. This not only highlights the property, but also conveys a sense of welcome.
  • Open the Door: During the shoot, open the entrance door. This simple gesture visually invites the viewer in, creating a welcoming impression.
  • Incorporate Outdoor Activities: Use props that reflect the activities available at or near your property. Bicycles, walking sticks, hiking shoes, picnic baskets, and gear for fishing, swimming, skiing, or beach activities can be strategically placed. These elements suggest the range of experiences guests can enjoy during their stay.

Remember, the goal is to capture the essence of your property in a way that resonates with potential guests, showcasing not just a building, but an experience waiting to be had.

Corporate Conference Tables at Private On-Site Event

Unique Angles Photography with Marcus Berg

We’ve covered a range of staging strategies in this post, each designed to enhance the visual narrative of your bed and breakfast or small hotel. Remember, the key to successful hospitality photography lies in the details – those small, thoughtful touches that turn a simple photo into a story that speaks to your potential guests.

Whether it’s the strategic placement of a book in a bedroom, the careful arrangement of a welcoming lobby, or capturing the perfect lighting for your exterior shots, every element plays a crucial role in conveying the unique experience your property offers.

I hope these tips inspire you to view your property through a new lens and capture the essence of your hospitality in every shot. May your property continue to be a haven of unforgettable experiences for all who visit.

You’re welcome to visit my website to see more of my hospitality photography.