Looking Back, Planning Ahead: ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ Sparks New Ideas for Innkeepers

Looking Back, Planning Ahead: ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ Sparks New Ideas for Innkeepers

In the world of hotels and B&Bs, where every little thing can make or break a guest’s stay, there’s an exciting new show that’s getting hospitality owners excited. ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ starting this November on the Magnolia Network, is the newest show from Chip and Joanna Gaines. It’s not just fun to watch—it teaches about love for design and how big changes can start with a single idea.

#FixerUpperTheHotel premieres Wednesday, November 8 at 9p/8c on #MagnoliaNetwork on TV, @StreamOnMax, and @DiscoveryPlus. Below is the official YouTube video trailer:

Hotel 1928: Showing Accommodation Buyers & Owners What Can Be Done

For those dedicated to the art of hospitality and architectural revival, this show isn’t just entertainment; it’s a masterclass in passion, design, and the transformative power of vision. It follows the Gaineses as they redo the historic Grand Karem Shrine in Waco, Texas, turning it into the impressive Hotel 1928.

This huge 53,000-square-foot overhaul is eye opening, showing us what can be done. Innkeepers across picturesque locales can see their reflection in the dedication to preserving the essence of a bygone era while infusing it with modern amenities.

TV Show: ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’

Each half-hour of the six-part series is packed with great visuals, following in the footsteps of the popular ‘Fixer Upper’ shows that came before it. What’s great is seeing that even the pros can find a challenge, and the joy of fixing up a place is something everyone can share. It’s a profound reminder of the potential that lies within the walls of the bed and breakfast inns we steward, and the impact these spaces have on guests and communities alike.

Respect For History and Stories

‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ feels right at home in the South, where small, charming inns are important. These places have their own histories, and fixing them up is a way to respect their stories while getting them ready for the future. As the Gaines couple, and their team, work on Hotel 1928, inn owners might see a bit of themselves in the effort to keep the old charm, but also add new touches.

The Restoration Process

This series isn’t just about fixing up hotels; it’s a celebration of the whole process, something we’re passionate about. We can watch them turn the Grand Karem Shrine into a cool, 33-room boutique hotel with two restaurants, event space, a library, a rooftop terrace, a shop, and more. It’s a powerful example of what’s possible for our places and the difference we can make for guests and our towns.

Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines can actually stay at Hotel 1928, making the dream a reality. And for us in the hospitality business, this show is more than entertainment. It’s a journey through the ups and downs of fixing up an important building, a journey that shows the strength and promise of what we do.

So, let’s get our accommodations ready, fluff those pillows, and pay attention to the hard work and care the show displays. ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ is a spotlight for those who care for historic places, and it’s a tribute to the welcoming spirit we strive for every day.

The Future of Hospitality

For every innkeeper, every steward of historical architecture, this is an invitation to tune in, draw inspiration, and visualize the next chapter in our property’s story. ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ is a testament to the enduring allure of Southern grace, and it’s beckoning us to join in reimagining the charm of the past for the future of hospitality.

As we watch, let’s learn and be amazed by the smart moves that transform old buildings into lovely getaways. For all the inn owners and lovers of historic places, this show is a call to get inspired and think about what’s next for our properties. ‘Fixer Upper: The Hotel’ is a nod to the lasting charm of the South, inviting us to think about how we can mix old-time charm with modern hospitality.

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