Crafting the Perfect Mission Statement for Your B&B Inn: Boost Occupancy and Create Lasting Memories

Crafting the Perfect Mission Statement for Your B&B Inn: Boost Occupancy and Create Lasting Memories

A mission statement for a Bed & Breakfast cannot be underestimated. It serves as a powerful anchor, setting the course for success and guest satisfaction. The ideas presented in this post are applied from the bestselling book by the Business Made Simple CEO Donald Miller titled, How to Grow Your Small Business: A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off.

Essential to this vision are key characteristics that define the soul of a B&B inn, from personalized guest experiences to adaptability in the face of diverse needs. However, realizing this vision requires three critical actions, each tailored to elevate the guest’s journey from their first step.

Beyond these foundational aspects, it’s vital to harness a strategic framework that positions your B&B in the forefront of potential guests’ minds. With the goal to be making each guest stay an irreplaceable experience.

This post explores the intricacies of crafting a compelling mission statement. It offers a comprehensive roadmap for B&B owners and innkeepers, ensuring every decision you make aligns with your unique vision and business goals.

Crafting a Powerful Bed and Breakfast Mission Statement

A Mission Statement includes three economic priorities. Mission statements must include specific economic objectives, include a deadline, and answer the question, “why?”

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The best formula for a mission statement is: 

“We will accomplish X by Y because of Z.”

Following this formula and the previous instructions, write a specific mission statement for a bed and breakfast inn.  The “because” part of the Mission Statement is the actual mission.

Thus, a Mission Statement for a B&B inn could be: “We will achieve an occupancy rate of 80%, increase our returning guest rate by 20%, and boost our event bookings by 50% within 18 months, because every traveler deserves a haven that feels like home while offering luxurious elegance.”

Defining Your 3 Key Characteristics

Key characteristics identify the skills or personality characteristics necessary to work at your B&B inn.

Consider the following questions:

1) What specific characteristics will each employee need to solve our guests’ problems?

2) What characteristics will we need to keep going when challenges seem overwhelming?

3) What characteristics will we need to create a safe, encouraging culture?

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The 3 characteristics should be specific enough to guide your hiring decisions, but universal enough to be true for everybody in your organization.

Key Characteristics for a Bed & Breakfast Inn could be:

1) Passionate about creating a personalized guest experience. This ensures that every guest feels valued and special, building loyalty and promoting word-of-mouth recommendations.

2) Resilient and adaptive to diverse guest needs and situations. In the hospitality industry, unexpected challenges are inevitable, whether it’s a guest complaint, a last-minute change, or unforeseen events. Being able to adapt while maintaining composure ensures smooth operations and guest satisfaction.

3) Cultivates a nurturing and safe environment for both guests and colleagues. A B&B thrives on its reputation as a cozy, safe haven. Ensuring both guests and fellow staff feel safe and encouraged creates a harmonious atmosphere that reflects the quality of service provided.

Determining Your 3 Critical Actions

There are critical actions you can take every day that will unify your team and define your culture.

Your three critical actions should have two things in common:

1) Nearly everybody on the team can do them.

2) They should directly affect the forward movement that will help you achieve your mission.

Action Plan

You’re looking for 3 Critical Actions that have a terrific impact, so you can turn them into habits and use them to propel your B&B inn forward.

For a Bed & Breakfast Inn, the Three Critical Actions could be:

1) Personalized Guest Greeting: Every guest is personally greeted upon their arrival. This warm welcome is complemented with a brief orientation, ensuring they are informed about the amenities and services we offer.

2) Daily Room & Common Area Inspection: Before check-in time, each room is meticulously inspected for cleanliness, functionality, and comfort. Similarly, common areas are checked to ensure they meet our standards and provide a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

3) Digital Feedback and Direct Communication: Upon check-out, guests are provided with easy-to-follow instructions to leave an online review. Simultaneously, you invite them for a brief conversation, giving them the opportunity to share any immediate feedback or concerns. This allows your inn to rectify issues promptly and enhance the possibility of a positive online review.

“The Customer Is The Hero Framework” for Innkeepers 

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1) Identify the customer’s problem. “You know how traveling can be impersonal and hectic, leaving you feeling more exhausted than rejuvenated?”

2) Position your answer as the solution. “Our Bed and Breakfast provides a unique, intimate, and personalized experience. It’s like a home away from home.”

3) Give your customer a three-step plan.Experiencing the luxury we offer is simple. First, dive into our website to explore the stories behind each of our rooms. Next, take a moment to read reviews from our past guests, who’ve cherished their stay. Once you’re here, indulge in the elegance of our surroundings, from our cozy fireplaces to the picturesque views from your window.”

4) Paint the stakes and create a sense of urgency. Remember, true relaxation and personal connection are rare in today’s fast-paced world. Each moment you miss out on rejuvenation is a moment you can’t get back. Our guests don’t just get a bed for the night; they get memories, experiences, and genuine connections. But our personalized approach means we have limited rooms, and they fill up quickly.”

5) Add positive and negative stakes for more urgency.“Those who choose us find a deeper connection to their travels, capturing moments that turn into cherished stories. Alternatively, settling for a run-of-the-mill accommodation could mean missing out on the essence and depth of what our locale truly has to offer.”

6) Clearly call your customer to action. “Don’t just travel; immerse yourself. Dive into an experience that echoes luxury and resonates with stories. Secure your room with us today and make your travels truly memorable.”

Mission Statement + B&B Consulting

A B&B’s mission statement is its North Star, guiding both guest satisfaction and business prosperity. Key characteristics, such as personalized experiences and adaptability, shape its heart and soul. With pivotal actions like heartfelt greetings and rigorous inspections, innkeepers set their establishments apart.

Mission Statement Road to Success

Utilizing the ‘Customer Is The Hero Framework’ translates to selling memories, not just stays. B&B owners, by aligning consistently with their mission, ensure an enriched guest journey and lasting business success.

Licensed Realtor Rob Sales, having been a successful B&B owner and innkeeper with his wife Jane, also has the real estate experience you need to buy or sell a hospitality property, such as a bed and breakfast or a luxury inn. Contact Rob for a complimentary phone consultation.