Blog Post Titles That Make Bed and Breakfast Guests Click to Read and Then Book Their Stay

Blog Post Titles That Make Bed and Breakfast Guests Click to Read and Then Book Their Stay

Blog post titles can make the difference whether your blog post even gets read or not. If you need help coming up with some blog post titles, consider the following suggestions. Just add what is inside the [brackets] to personalize it to your own B&B inn, town, area, etc. For your convenience, the titles are organized by the category of the blog post.


luxury white towels

  • “Design Inspiration: How We Chose the Decor for [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “How We Choose Our Linens and Towels for Ultimate Comfort”
  • “Step Inside The Newest Suite at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Science of Sleep: How We Ensure a Good Night’s Rest at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “What’s New at [Your B&B’s Name]: Updates and Improvements for [Year]”


famous art painting

  • “Crafting and Creativity: Join Our Monthly Craft Workshop”
  • “Design Your Perfect Day: DIY Activities at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Let’s Get Artsy: Local Craft Workshops and Classes”
  • “One for the Memory Book: Scrapbooking Your Visit to [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Art of [Your B&B’s Name]: A Tour of Our Local Artwork”

Behind The Scenes/Fun Facts

breakfast recipe quiche

  • “A Day in the Life of an Innkeeper at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Behind the Recipes: The Cultural Influences of Our Signature Dishes at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Famous People from [Your Town]: Did You Know?”
  • “Meet the Team: The Faces Behind [Your B&B’s Name]”

Breakfast/Picnics/Tea Time

high tea

  • “Inside Our Kitchen: Meet the Chef Behind [Your B&B’s Name]’s Breakfast”
  • “From Scones to Sandwiches: A Glimpse Into Our Tea Time Menu at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Plan the Perfect Picnic with [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Tea Time at [Your B&B’s Name]: An Afternoon Delight”

Business /Solo Travelers

business traveler at airport

  • “Digital Nomads Welcome: Why [Your B&B’s Name] Is the Perfect Remote Work Location”
  • “Make Your Business Trip Feel Like a Vacation at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Road Warrior’s Retreat: Unwind After Business Meetings at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “What Solo Travelers Can Expect at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Work Remotely from [Your B&B’s Name]: Tips for a Productive Stay”


wedding ring diamond solitaire in pink roses

  • “Celebrate Your Anniversary with Our Special Package”
  • “Creative Date Ideas for Couples Staying at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Five Tips for a Romantic Getaway at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “How to Plan a Surprise Getaway for Your Partner at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Perfect Proposal: How We Can Help Make It Happen”


sustainability green farm raised beds

  • “Eco-Friendly Travel: How to Have a ‘Green’ Vacation at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Fresh from the Farm: How We Source Our Breakfast Ingredients”
  • “From Farm to Table: Visiting Local Farmer’s Markets”
  • “How [Your B&B’s Name] Is Going Green: Our Sustainability Efforts”


DEAL each letter on a shopping tag

  • “Budget-Friendly Activities Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “How to Plan a Luxurious Vacation at [Your B&B’s Name] Without Breaking the Bank”
  • “Tips for Scoring Last-Minute Deals at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Unlock Savings With Our New Weekend Getaway Package”


entertainment venue microphone stage spotlight

  • “Get Your Groove On: Dance Venues and Studios in [Your Town]”
  • “Laughter Nearby: A Guide to Comedy Clubs and Stand-Up Venues in [Your Town]”
  • “Music Lovers Rejoice: Live Music Venues Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Time Travel: Exploring [Your Town’s] Vintage Cinema and Theatres”


elegant outdoor wedding chairs woods

  • “Don’t Miss These Upcoming Events in [Your Town]”
  • “How to Enjoy [Local Annual Festival] While Staying at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “How to Plan an Intimate Event at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Why [Your B&B’s Name] Is the Perfect Wedding Venue”


family reunion family tree book

  • “Bring the Kids: Child-Friendly Activities at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Family-Friendly Activities Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Plan Your Next Reunion at [Your B&B’s Name]: Here’s Why”
  • “Why [Your B&B’s Name] Is Great for Multi-Generational Family Stays”


fitness yoga mat athletic footwear water bottle

  • “Keeping Fit During Your Stay: A Guest’s Guide to Local Fitness Options”
  • “Run, Walk, Explore: Scenic Running Routes Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Stretch and Breathe: Free Yoga Sessions at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Water Wellness: The Best Places for Aquatic Exercise Near [Your B&B’s Name]”


coffee cafe close up latte

  • “Coffee Culture: The Best Cafés in [Your Town]”
  • “Foraging for Food: A Guided Tour of Local Edible Plants”
  • “Healthy Eats: Nearby Restaurants with Vegan and Gluten-Free Options”
  • “Heavenly Bites: A Guide to Street Food in [Your Town]”
  • “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Best Dessert Spots in [Your Town]”
  • “The Best Restaurants in [Your Town]: An Innkeeper’s Recommendations”
  • “Wine and Dine: Best Wine Bars and Restaurants Near [Your B&B’s Name]”


museum building

  • “Discover [Your Town]: A Brief History and Cultural Guide”
  • “Dive Into History: Nearby Museums and Historical Sites”
  • “Famous Figures: People Who Shaped the History of [Your Town]”
  • “Historical Landmarks Worth Visiting Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Understanding the Architecture: A Historical Overview of [Your B&B’s Name]”


Happy Holidays sign in evergreen wreath

  • “How We Celebrate the Holidays at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Labor Day Relaxation: How to Spend the Long Weekend at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “New Year’s Eve in [Your Town]: How to Ring in the New Year”
  • Thanksgiving in [Your Town]: A Guide to Celebrating Gratitude Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Valentine’s Day Romance: Celebrate Love at [Your B&B’s Name]”


Welcome We Are Open Please Come In Sign

  • “Celebrating 5 Years of Wonderful Guest Experiences”
  • “Going the Extra Mile: Our Commitment to Guest Satisfaction at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Our Innkeeping Philosophy: What Sets [Your B&B’s Name] Apart”
  • “Personal Touches: How We Make Every Stay Memorable at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “What Our Guests Are Saying: Real Reviews from Real People”


Window Seat View Reading Area

  • “10 Cozy Reading Spots at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “A Novel Getaway: Book-Themed Packages at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Book Nook: Exploring [Your B&B’s Name]’s Reading Recommendations”
  • “Local Literature: Must-Read Authors from [Your Town or Region]”
  • “Page-Turner Trails: Independent Bookstores to Visit Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Joys of Journaling: Writing Retreats at [Your B&B’s Name]”

Night Time

Stargazing Night Sky

  • “Midnight in [Your Town]: The Local Legends and Haunted Spots to Explore”
  • “Moonlit Adventures: Night Hikes and Trails Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Night Owls: Late-Night Hangout Spots Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Stargazing Essentials: A Guide to Night Skies Around [Your B&B’s Name]”

Outdoor Activities

Hiking Trails Sign

  • “Best Hiking Trails In and Around [Your Town]”
  • “Blooms and Blossoms: Flower Festivals to Visit During Your Stay”
  • “Sailing and Watersports: Unmissable Water Activities”
  • “The Best Bike Routes to Explore Around [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Top 3 Dog-Walking Routes Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Why Birdwatchers Love [Your B&B’s Name]: A Feathered Friends Guide”


Photography Golden Hour Sunset Field

  • “A Photographer’s Itinerary: Spend a Day Shooting the Best Spots in [Your Town]”
  • “Golden Hour Glory: Best Times and Locations for Sunset Photos Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Photography Hotspots: Capture the Beauty of [Your Town]”
  • “Tips for Capturing Instagram-Worthy Photos During Your Stay”


staycation word luggage beach hat

  • “Mastering the Art of the ‘Staycation’ at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Maximum Relaxation Guide for Your Stay at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Ultimate Board Game Night: Unplug and Unwind at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Unwind and Dine: Movie Nights at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Why [Your B&B’s Name] Is the Perfect Place for a Digital Detox”

Seasonal/Weather Related

Signs Spring Summer Fall Winter

  • “Embrace the Chill: The Best Winter Sports Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Fall Foliage: The Best Spots to Experience Autumn in [Your Town]”
  • “Making the Most of a Rainy Day at [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Spring Fever: Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Season”
  • “Summertime Bliss: The Best Beaches, Trails, and Parks Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “The Ultimate [Season] Getaway: What To Do in [Your Town] This Season”


Antiques Shop Sign

  • “Antique Lovers: Vintage Shops to Explore Near [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Fashion Finds: Top Trendy Clothing Stores in [Your Town]”
  • “Shop Local: A Curated Guide to [Your Town’s] Best Boutiques and Craft Stores”
  • “Unique Souvenirs to Take Home from [Your Town]”
  • “Your Guide to Thrift Shopping in [Your Town]”

Sight Seeing/Touring

Scenic Drive Blue Ridge Highway North Carolina

  • “Navigating [Your Town]: Public Transport and More”
  • “The Hidden Gems of [Your Town]: What the Guidebooks Don’t Tell You”
  • “The Scenic Route: Beautiful Drives Around [Your Town]”
  • “Top 5 Must-See Attractions Within Walking Distance of [Your B&B’s Name]”
  • “Urban Escapes: Nearby Nature Reserves and Parks”
  • “Your Ideal Itinerary: A 3-Day Guide to Exploring [Your Town]”


Day Trip Tourism Beach Umbrella Lounge Chairs Water

  • “Day Trips from [Your B&B’s Name]: Explore Nearby Attractions”
  • “How to Experience [Your Town] Like a Local”
  • “Off the Beaten Path: Hidden Gems Near [Your B&B’s Name] to Explore”
  • “Packing for Your Stay: What Every Guest Should Bring Along”
  • “Road Trip Essentials: How to Prepare for a Drive to [Your B&B’s Name]”

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Like the lead paragraph in a news story or thesis in an essay, your headline is your one true sentence: the single most important asset for capturing attention in the feed.

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