Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Who Follow These 10 Absolutely Essential Principles Are The Ones Who Achieve Long Lasting Hospitality Success

Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Who Follow These 10 Absolutely Essential Principles Are The Ones Who Achieve Long Lasting Hospitality Success

Bed and breakfast innkeepers, we share ten key lessons from the book, Start with a Win: Tools and Lessons to Create Personal and Business Success by Adam Contos. He is a former global real estate leader (who ran a SWAT team in his previous career). Today, even though this accomplished CEO has retired from real estate, he continues to share his wisdom by coaching and consulting business owners and leaders. 

1) The Most Successful People Take Ownership of Outcomes

Your “locus of control” determines the degree to which you feel you have control over your results, and ultimately, your life. The most successful people have an internal locus of control–they believe they control their own success or failure. Taking ownership of your outcomes, means not blaming others for your failures. While no one is perfect, we can act quickly and pivot, when necessary, in order to survive and thrive. Your success is up to you! However, this does not mean we cannot ask for help–we all should. 

2) The Great Wisdom of Fails Is What We Learn From Them

According to Mr. Contos, we can turn negative outcomes into positive wins with the, “Four-Step Look-Back Process”:

  1. Celebrations: what went well? List everything which was effective and efficient. 
  2. Frustrations: what didn’t go well? List everything that was inefficient, painful, or challenging.
  3. Eliminations: where was money, time, or effort wasted? What could have be done differently?
  4. Deviations: what other options could have been used? How might we complete the mission next time?

Bottom line, and essential to the process, is to not stop taking action. Bed and breakfast innkeepers need to assess the problem, find the solution, take action, and move forward for the win! 

3) The More We Think We Can, The More We Can

What we believe about our abilities impacts how well we do. Confidence takes time to build. The author tells us that we can each train ourselves to start with a win by having a plan and making a small commitment. Then we can move on to do even more. If we feel overwhelmed, we can simplify the challenge and ultimately accomplish the goal. Perfection is the enemy of action. No one can do anything of significance without making mistakes. 

4) Intentionally Seeking Out Learning Enables You To Become Better

The chapter in the book that this comes from is titled, “Be A Sponge”–meaning to soak up as much knowledge as possible and to challenge ourselves to become better at who we are and what we do, to come away with a win. The goal should be calculated risk-taking to create smart growth. In other words, bed and breakfast innkeepers should pursue growth by implementing changes that are likely to pay off. 

5) Habits Are Repetitive Actions That Play a Big Role in Wins

The habit of repeating the basics every day lays the the foundation on which to build wins. Make sure you have accountability in your life–someone who checks on your progress and offers you valuable feedback and encouragement. Encourage your staff to consistently extend hospitality to the guests in very specific ways (such as smiling whenever guests enter your B&B inn). 

6) Action Overcomes Fear; Be Geniune

With a framework in place, everyone can take the actions necessary to weather the challenges when they arise. Taking action reduces fears (and prevents a sense of overwhelm). Be geniune in your words and actions to show your trustworthiness and care for your guests and the experiences they have at your accommodations. 

7) Have Presence and Passion For Your People & Work

Without passion for your work, your people, or your industry, you cannot do your best and you cannot living up to your full potential. According to the author, “to win and continue those wins requires consistency, kindness, and caring as well as the ability to promote trust, safety, and inclusion.” Bed and breakfast innkeepers, your presence and passion demonstrates your ability to be an effective leader.

8) Business Is Based on Relationships of Trust

Most business begins, and transactions happen based on relationships of trust. A business must repeatedly earn a client’s trust. Apologize for mistakes when they happen. Praise employees who go the extra mile for your guests. 

9) Express Gratitude By Saying Thanks

Showing appreciation for your guests inspires them to return. Thoughtfully acknowledging the efforts of your staff inspires them to remain loyal employees. Genuine, encouraging words can be powerful when shared with others.

10) People Tell The Real Story of Your Business’s Success

How well we treat others determines how successful hospitality providers are in the eyes of their guests and employees. Connection and trust take time and patience to develop. It is through consistent, positive interactions that we develop our brand and together celebrate achievements. Bed and breakfast innkeepers, do you celebrate achievements with your staff? 

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