3 ALP Food and Beverage Partners Who Love Serving Hospitality Industry Accommodations Like Bed and Breakfast Inns, Cabins, and Cottages

3 ALP Food and Beverage Partners Who Love Serving Hospitality Industry Accommodations Like Bed and Breakfast Inns, Cabins, and Cottages

We feature three ALP food and beverage partners. ALP (The Association of Lodging Professionals) is a collaborative community that solves the challenges of independent lodging property owners in a changing travel landscape. ALP is a non-profit association that focuses on professional development, advocates for the industry in media relations, and influencing public policy. Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting, is an Allied Partner of ALP.

ALP Food and Beverage Partners

Mudd Creek, LLC

Website: https://www.muddcreekllc.com/

Address: 958 S. Westland Drive, Appleton, WI

Email: donna@muddcreekllc.com

Call: 920-419-0412

At Mudd Creek, their mission statement has always been that “No one should sacrifice taste for their health”. Mudd Creek is 100% gluten free. They specialize in baking mixes, fruit spreads, tropical granolas, bloody Mary mixes, cheesecake dips, soup base mixes and more. Their products are sold in stores, online and in their bake house. “Free Shipping” on all orders over $50.

Tayst Coffee Roaster

Website: https://www.tayst.com/

Address: 3345 Royal Avenue Oceanside, NY 11572

Email: support@tayst.com

Call: 516-962-2141

Innovation That’s Changing the Coffee Footprint. Tayst searched for a year to find the right mechanism to distribute our coffee properly, which wouldn’t harm the planet. They found fantastic tasting coffee and a single serve pod that is awesome for the planet.

Tayst pods are 100% compostable… meaning they actually give back fertile nutrients to the soil as it decomposes. This is another example of green initiatives that innkeepers can implement.

Victorian House Scones, LLC

Website: http://www.VictorianHouseScones.com

Address: PO Box 8094, Lafayette, Indiana 47903

Email: Sconelady@VictorianHouseScones.com

Call: 765-586-6295

Mix, Freeze, Bake with Ease! Do you love to bake from scratch? So does Victorian House Scones! They craft their mixes, so you have the convenience of a mix, but all the fun and creativity of your own recipe!

They have several flavors, but also offer ‘base mixes’.  You can use these plain bases as the foundation to create your own unique flavors–whether it is something as simple as adding blueberries, to something a little more exotic, such as a cranberry-Gorgonzola scone (or muffin).

Make the dough or batter up in advance, and freeze in individual servings.  Bake fresh, exactly what you need each morning for your guests.

Freezer to Oven to Done–20 minutes! ALP members receive a 5% discount on orders, and also receive a copy of our “User’s Guide” and a retail bag of Original Recipe scone mix free with your first order.

Victorian House Scones can private label any of their mixes in either a retail or sampler size.  Contact them for more information. There is NO minimum order (unless it is private label—and the minimum for that is 12 bags of mix).

Association of Lodging Professionals (ALP)

Website: https://www.alplodging.org/

Email: ceo@alplodging.org

Call: 207-357-6800

Join the Association of Lodging Professionals (ALP). Your property may be a Bed & Breakfast, an Inn, a Vacation Rental, a Short-Term Rental, a Boutique Hotel, cabins, or cottages. All hospitality accommodations are unique and independently owned.

Ideal for those with a passion to operate a more successful business, keep up with trends, and advocate for your industry. If you’re not already a member, now is the time to join the largest network of independent lodging professionals in North America.

B&B Consulting

If you’re looking to buy or sell a bed and breakfast property, Rob Sales of B&B Consulting offers a complimentary, no-obligation phone conversation to answer your initial questions. Rob was a successful B&B owner and innkeeper, alongside his wife Jane, for many years. In addition, he is an experienced and licensed real estate agent who specializes in bed and breakfast accommodations. Contact Rob today.