Bed and Breakfast Landscaping That Looks Good All Year Long

Bed and Breakfast Landscaping That Looks Good All Year Long

Bed and Breakfast landscaping is one of the first things guests notice, whether they are viewing it from a picture online or driving by. Thus, the first impression (also known as “curb appeal“) that others have of your property matters.

Bed & Breakfast Curb Appeal

As a B&B Owner and Innkeeper, you desire to make a positive impact. That starts with the outside of your Inn. How do you want people to react when they approach your hospitality property? Does your yard look like a before or after picture? Do guests find your property inviting?


Make sure guests can see your Inn’s name and that your address numbers are visible from the road. To be more environmentally conscious, choose LED lights that last longer and are safer to use

On the topic of visibility, ensure that well-lit walkways allow guests to safely enter and return to their rooms. Make the transition natural and initiative, so guests clearly know where to go. Illuminate for security (including motion lights) & style (landscaping lights).

Green Lawn Care

Lawns can be seeded and/or sodded, so they become consistently full, green, and lush. Ongoing lawn care and maintenance will also improve your Bed and Breakfast landscaping. Fertilize & regularly mow lawns, as well as trim & edge them.

Landscape Design

Landscape design means grouping new plantings by height and layer for visual interest, vary colors & textures. Landscapers can create focal points to feature your fountain, bench, walkway, tree, or other attractive yard elements. Stone, cement, and other rocks can add beauty to your grounds. Mulch and bark will accent (and protect) your landscaping.

Irrigation & Water Conservation

Lawn care means regularly watering your lawn. Install & repair irrigation systems to ensure your lawn receives the water it needs to thrive. Conserve rainwater by collecting it in rain barrels. Of course, do not use water if your location has temporary restrictions on watering (as in times of drought).

Leaves & Trees

Raked leaves allow your lawn to maintain its appearance in autumn. Any dead trees or hanging branches must be removed. Routinely trim hedges and bushes, prune overgrown plants, remove & haul away fallen limbs & yard debris.

Pressure Washing & Painting

Routinely pressure wash buildings with (or without) treatments. All buildings on the property should not show any paint chipping.

Benefits of Bed and Breakfast Landscaping

The benefits of improving your Bed and Breakfast landscaping include

  • Increases the value of your property
  • Strengthens your security and safety
  • Helps you positively distinguish yourself in your community
  • Improves the experiences for your visitors
  • Further establishes your reputation (and company brand)

Curb Appeal Is Possible All Year Round

The best curb appeal includes elements (such as trees and shrubs) that look good in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Make sure there is something blooming during every season.

Seasonal Gardening & Landscaping Examples: Autumn: apples, corn, cranberries, mums, pumpkins; Winter: holly, poinsettia; Spring: carrots, lemons, lilies, tulips; Summer: sunflowers, watermelon

Outdoor Elements

You can dress up your Inn’s grounds in a way that appeals to others by adding a few extra outdoor elements.

Examples of Outdoor Elements:

  • Birdbaths
  • Brick driveways and paths
  • Fountains
  • Patriotic & seasonal flags
  • Porch décor
  • Potted plants in decorative planters
  • Theme décor: beach, farmhouse, nautical, rustic, etc.
  • Welcome mats and signs
  • Windchimes
  • Wreaths

For more fantastic backyard landscaping ideas check out Bob Vila’s article.

B&B Consulting

We never get a second chance to make a first impression. You can have the greenest turf on your street. Help your visitors feel comfortable from the moment they see your property. They will love your curb appeal.

Looking to buy or sell a Bed & Breakfast Inn? B&B Consulting’s Rob Sales is an experienced B&B real estate agent who, along with his wife Jane, owned several B&B Inns. He understands B&B real estate AND running successful hospitality businesses. Contact Rob today!