Charleston: One of the Very Best Vacation Destinations in the Country

Charleston: One of the Very Best Vacation Destinations in the Country

Charleston, South Carolina earns praise as one of the top vacation destinations in the country. The “Holy City” is no stranger to press. We feature four of the many accolades this area, with its scenic cobblestone streets and famous historic places, attracts. We’re confident that you will want to experience your own Charleston vacation.

Charleston Is the Top City in the United States

The city of Charleston, South Carolina is a great place to visit as well as to live. Your Charleston vacation includes history, fine dining, and fun for all ages. The people of Charleston are known for their friendliness to all.

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With its charming architecture and powerhouse culinary scene, Charleston has reigned as T+L readers’ favorite U.S. city for an impressive nine years running. “How could you not love those cobblestoned streets? The beautiful, colorful houses and gas lanterns. Take a carriage ride…or catch a boat,” wrote one reader. “Charleston is such a historic treasure with beauty at every corner. Also, heaven for foodies. King Street has excellent shops, bars, and restaurants and is great for nightlife.” But there’s also plenty of all-ages appeal. “There is an abundance of activities to choose from for couples’, families’, and friends’ getaways,” wrote one visitor turned local, who also touted the city as “one of the friendliest places I have visited.”

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Charleston: One of the Prettiest Cities in the South

Charleston is a charming, pretty place full of history and modern-day adventure. Even a short trip is worth the visit. You will enjoy your Charleston vacation.


This southern city is known for its amazing cuisine, architecture, attractions and, of course, its famous southern charm. It also has a whole lot of history. For example, Charleston has one of the oldest historic districts in the United States. It is home to four signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Charleston is also home to one of the first theaters in America.

Whether you’re into history, cuisine, outdoor adventure or just looking for a long lazy weekend in one of the prettiest cities in the south, Charleston has you covered.


Reader’s Choice Award: Charleston is the #2 Best City in the United States

Charleston is consistently named one of the best cities in America. Because of all that this beautiful area offers, it is hard to resist moving here and becoming a permanent resident.

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Charleston may be a small town, but this city punches well above its weight. When you consider everything, it has to offer—history, culture, food, charm—it’s no wonder the so-called Holy City has made our list of the best small cities in the U.S. for ten years running. While its robust F&B scene, which includes a steady annual circuit of nationally recognized food and culture festivals, continues to be a draw, visitors are rarely prepared for the city’s good looks. Stately homes, cobblestone streets, waterfront views, and an abundance of flowering window boxes only add to its welcoming vibe. Find a seat among its many outdoor terraces for a drink and some fresh oysters (we recommend hitting the Ordinary) and try to resist the urge to up and move here.


Charleston: One of the Best Places to Retire in the South

Charleston, South Carolina ranks high on the list of best places to retire in the South. In fact, with its mild winters and scenic views, Charleston appeals to people of all ages.

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Anyone familiar with Charleston knows that the city is picture-perfect. From the gorgeous, brightly colored homes of Rainbow Row to the waterfront to the city’s many churches and historical homes, it’s hard to beat The Holy City for sightseeing. Life in the Lowcountry offers the quintessential Southern experience with days seeped in history, porch sitting, friendly chats with neighbors and incredible Southern food. You’ll find the best of the big city as far as culture, theater and museums go, but the crime rate in Charleston is low, plus South Carolina offers property tax breaks to retirees and has no tax on Social Security benefits.


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