How to Choose (and Make the Most of) Your Bed and Breakfast Location

How to Choose (and Make the Most of) Your Bed and Breakfast Location

Bed and breakfast location…how important is that? We will be providing tips for bed and breakfast buyers, sellers, and business owners. There are effective ways to make the most of any location.

Promoting the Inn as a Vacation Destination

Is the inn in an area known for being a vacation destination? If so, current and/or future owners can position the bed and breakfast as being in a desirable location. This makes the inn more appealing, and you can charge more from guests. Conversely, if the inn is in a remote location, position this as a positive for guests to get away from it all.

Sharing Local Activities and Events with Guests

Whether the activities or events are at the inn (or in the local area), guests tend to choose places where they can participate in fun activities. Onsite activities can be spa services, fine dining, game rooms, and more. Onsite events could be intimate weddings or private parties.

Area events or activities can include local shopping, hiking, entertainment, and so on. Consider adding a list of activities that guests can participate in to your website and social media. Alternatively, if activities are not plentiful, you can position guests stay as being quiet, private, and relaxing.

Nurturing Local Business Connections for Referrals

Partnering with local businesses is a wonderful way to provide mutual referrals. For example, you can arrange for local restaurants and shops to share a coupon for their services that is only for those who stay at your inn. For instance, this could be free dessert or special savings for your guests.

Moreover, consider having exclusive arrangements in exchange for your inn receiving a discount. For example, you only work with one local florist, one local bakery, and one local catering company to serve your guests. Thus, networking within your local communication can generate positive word of mouth for your hospitality business.

Using Location Based Platforms

B&B Consulting Google My Business location

Using location-based platforms such as “Google My Business” can effectively promote your inn. Stand out on Google with a free business profile. Google states, “Turn people who find you on Google Search and Maps into new customers with a free Business Profile for your storefront or service area. Personalize your profile with photos, offers, posts, and more.”

This is free for business owners to set up. It shows a map of how to get to your closest location. This is the location of Rob’s Savannah office. People can click on your website link to go directly to your B&B inn’s page.

Bed and Breakfast Location

If you are considering buying or selling your inn, contact licensed realtor Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting. In addition, if you are looking to maximize the profitability of running your inn, B&B consulting offers wise advice. Before becoming an experienced realtor, Rob was a successful B&B owner and innkeeper alongside his wife Jane. B&B Consulting focuses on making your Georgia, North Carolina, & South Carolina B&B real estate dreams come true!