How to Succeed in Your Best Year Yet as an Innkeeper

How to Succeed in Your Best Year Yet as an Innkeeper

Your best year yet can be THIS year. How can we be so confident? We know that being pro-active (rather than re-active) is always the better move. Let us explain.

Being Pro-active vs. Being Re-active

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According to, “actions that are proactive are not initiated in reaction to a situation but instead out of a desire to make a positive change, prepare for a situation, or prevent something from happening.”

Thus, being pro-active means that we take it upon ourselves to start (or stop) something. Therefore, we do not wait until something happens to us before we act. It’s about making things happen (rather than waiting for things to happen on their own).

Belonging to Professional Associations

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Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting, recommends to innkeepers that they also become members of theĀ Association of Lodging Professionals. In their own words, “we are a collaborative community, solving the challenges of independent lodging property owners in a changing travel landscape.”

Their mission is, “to champion current and aspiring professionals within the independent lodging community, and to help them become highly successful by providing essential education, advocacy, networking, and professional development.”

Attending Professional Events

ALP 2022 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland

Speaking of ALP, they have an Annual Conference, which takes place early each year. In 2022, the location is the Hilton at Biltmore Inner Harbor in Maryland (from February 5 through 9).

As a member of ALP, Rob Sales is speaking on the topic of “Secrets To Success No One Told You Yet.”

Lifelong Learning

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Now with the advances of technology, we can even learn remotely from the comforts of our own home. Many universities offer students the ability to enroll in classes to continue their education. Several websites are known for offering online classes. This includes LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Masterclass, and others.

Because there are so many skills involved with innkeeping, you can continue to learn about a variety of topics including: cooking, gardening, decorating, marketing, accounting, hospitality, and more.

Seeking Wise Counsel

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Even if you are not looking to buy or sell a B&B inn, Realtor Rob Sales is available to help innkeepers as a B&B consultant. Having been a successful B&B owner & innkeeper, Rob can advise you about innkeeping best practices to grow your hospitality business and to keep it going strong. He wants you to have your best year yet!

B&B Consulting

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Contact Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting. The initial conversation is at no cost to you. Be proactive and put yourself in a position to have your best year yet! We believe in you.

YOU + B&B Consulting = YOUR BEST YEAR YET!