Bed and Breakfast for Sale with Our Expert B&B Real Estate Representation

Bed and Breakfast for Sale with Our Expert B&B Real Estate Representation

Bed and breakfast for sale? Whether you are looking to buy or sell a B&B inn, consult with Rob Sales of B&B Consulting for expert B&B real estate representation. With a proven track record, Rob is an experienced B&B realtor, broker, and consultant. He also achieved success as a bed & breakfast owner and innkeeper, along with his wife Jane.

Expert B&B Real Estate Representation

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Rob has a passion for helping others achieve innkeeping dreams. Whether you are ready to begin your innkeeping journey, or even if you are retiring from the industry, Rob is here to serve your B&B real estate needs.

He is committed to providing effective B&B real estate representation, both to B&B real estate buyers and sellers. He is a contributing member of the Association of Lodging Professionals who shares presentations.

Bed and Breakfast for Sale

Rob offers ongoing, active counsel to aspiring innkeepers, those currently serving as innkeepers, and for those desiring to move on to a new stage in their life journey.

Rob uses a wealth of resources to serve his clients. This includes using effective advertising platforms and networking with his connections in both the real estate & innkeeping industries.

Dedicated B&B Real Estate Consulting

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Rob also consults with other real estate agents who are less experienced in the bed & breakfast real estate niche. He provides valuable expertise to those in the B&B real estate marketplace. This includes working with investors looking to diversify their assets in commercial B&B real estate.

North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia Inns

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Rob is licensed to buy and sell B&B real estate in several states, including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. For B&B buyers, he will drive within a 6-hour radius of your location. He is skilled at evaluating properties and B&B hospitality businesses.

What Is Your B&B Real Estate Dream?

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What is your B&B real estate dream? What would you love to happen in your life? Perhaps it is easier than you think for those changes to take place in your life. Rob is available to give you direction based on your B&B goals and dreams.

Contact Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting, TODAY for a free, no-obligation call to see how he can help you. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t delay! Why wait another day when you can be on your way?!