How Your Inn Can Stand Out and Be Memorable To Guests

How Your Inn Can Stand Out and Be Memorable To Guests

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and be memorable to your B&B guests? The book Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out From The Crowd by Zack Miller shares excellent tips about how to do that.

Be Memorable

An “anomaly” is defined as something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. The author advices us not to be afraid to do something different than others.

When guests are booking their rooms with you, do you make it easy for them to add estras? This could be add-on items like roses and chocolate or even bigger items like guest packages.

Being different is what gets us noticed. Be memorable. When we stand out, people what to see what we’re all about.

Share Content

Offer some free content to your ideal guests (your target market) in exchange for their name and email address. Find creative ways to stand out to them. They will stay on your e-mail list if they feel they are receiving value from you. Emails should be short, sweet, and to the point. If you do not follow up, nothing will happen.

Stay consistent in the way you communicate. Your relationship with your guest (or potential guest) should not end after they leave your accommodations. You can continue to reach out to them via email (as long as they do not unsubscribe). By sending a regular email (such as weekly or bi-monthly), you are teaching your following to expect something.

What other kinds of content can you offer? According to Miller, the most important thing is producing content people crave and engage with. Be memorable.

By consistently adding blog posts to your website, you are sharing fresh, relevant content that makes you more visible in online search engines. The longer a guest stays on your website, the more likely they are to book a room or a private event with you.

Ask & Answer Questions

By asking your questions questions, you can learn a lot. Let the market guide you as to what you offer your guests.

Write down the questions you are asked by guests and potential guests. The questions you receive may come from email, over the phone, in person, and through social media. Take the top questions and create content around them.

Promote Your Achievements

Promote any past wins relevant to your hospitality business. This can be your feature in a travel (or hospitality) magazine. Your bed and breakfast may have received an award (e.g., a designated “Green Leader” with environmentally friendly practices).

Display your awards, media recognition, association memberships, inspection rating, average online travel review, and much more to attract new guests. Add logos to your website and social media. Prominently display your achievements for guests to see when they enter your bed and breakfast inn.

Thank Your B&B Guests

A simple handwritten “thank you” (such as thanking them for being your guest) can go a long way towards keeping their visit with your B&B top of mind. Send them home with some homemade goodies, a coffee mug with your inn’s logo on it, or something else so you can be memorable.

By not doing what everyone else does, you will stand out and not be lost in the crowd. Tell the story you want your followers to know about you. The more they learn about you, the better your chances of them becoming a guest.

Share Reviews & Testimonials

Display your positive testimonials on your website and quote them on social media. This can mean the difference between a guest choosing you over your local competition. Learn from bad reviews and promote positive reviews. Publicly respond to your reviews (since they took the time to leave a review). Also, other readers will benefit from reading your responses.

Read reviews of your competitors to see what they are doing, see what their guests are posting, see ways you can improve your own business. You must be conscious of the guest experience from the moment they arrive until they leave.

Use a Content Calendar

Your content is unique because it is from your point of view. Take inventory of the content you already have (website, blog posts, social media, and so on). Your best content should be given away and consistently promoted. Create a content calendar and automate your social media. Schedule when you want to post and note which keywords, hashtags, and phrases you will use for your content. Be memorable by sharing content they’ll love.

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