Why the Key is to Make it All About Your Guests

Why the Key is to Make it All About Your Guests

Make it all about them. Make it all about your guests. Author Bruce Turkel, in his insightful book All About Them: Grow Your Business by Focusing on Others makes it clear that what really matters to consumers is their own self-interest.

Business owners (including innkeepers like you–now and in the future) can use that knowledge to make your businesses (B&B inns) all about the people you are trying to reach (your guests). Focusing on your customers is what makes the difference.

Great Brands Make You Feel Good About Yourself

Author Bruce Turkel states that successful businesses created for today’s “all about them” economy realize what you do is less important than identifying who you are and why that resonates with current (and potential) customers (your guests).

Turkel stresses that “good brands make you feel good, but great brands make you feel good about yourself.” Things sell not because of what they can do, but because of how they make consumers feel.

How Are You Different From Your Competition?

What attracts business to you and what separates you from your competition (other accommodations)? Understand exactly what your customers are buying. What do you provide that they cannot find elsewhere?

Figure out who you are and what you stand for then communicate that identity. Translate your message into customer-centered communication that resonates with your audience (your guests).

What Sets You Apart?

What opportunities does your business provide for increasing customer satisfaction and business revenue? What do you stand for? Can you describe that in just a few words? To determine what those few words are, Turkel recommends you consider five components: 

  • First, write down your company’s features and benefits. This means everything you and your business offer (including products, services, talents, skills, experiences, and so on). 
  • Then, write down your points of distinction. What sets you apart from your competition? What do your clients identify that is unique about you? 
  • Next, focus on the functional side of your business. What features and attributes do you offer? 
  • Then, focus on the emotional side of your business. How do your customers feel? 
  • Lastly, reflect upon that information to better understand what you stand for and know who you are. This is your brand promise to your guests.

Make It All About Your Guests

‚ÄčInnkeepers, do you make it all about your bed and breakfast guests? Do your guests know how you are different from other accommodations in your area? Contact Licensed B&B Realtor (and Former Owner & Innkeeper) Rob Sales if you are thinking of buying or selling your bed and breakfast. 

By the way, Rob is also an experienced B&B consultant who can help you come up with a strategic plan to better serve your guests. So, you can grow your hospitality business by making it all about them.