July 7

The Not-So-Obvious Secret to Real Estate Success


Real estate success means meeting the needs of your clients. Here at B&B Consulting, we partner and serve 3 different types of clients: B&B sellers, B&B buyers, and other real estate agents and brokers. The not-so-obvious secret to our success is teamwork. We work as a team to identify the best strategies to work with each unique client. B&B Consulting has also been recognized for the following eight honorable traits (that form the acronym TEAMWORK).


Our clients find us to be deserving of trust and confidence. We are known for our reliability and dependability. We believe it is important to be good for your word. That is essential to real estate success.


We are experienced not only as real estate agents but also as former B&B owners and innkeepers. That is why we receive referrals from past clients to help other innkeepers.


We believe in making it easy to meet us, get to know us and talk with us. We care about each person we meet. Therefore, we strive to listen as well as we consult. Thus, we pay attention to the dreams and goals of clients like you so we can help you achieve real estate success.


We remain attentive and aware of our responsibilities as B&B consultants. We consistently communicate with our clients to keep you updated and to answer your ongoing questions throughout the process. Take this fun quiz from MindTools to help evaluate the strength of your communication skills.


We are willing to go the extra mile to please our real estate clients. Thus, we are ready to cheerfully assist all who ask.


We are quick to notice any changes and in the marketplace. We attentively watch out for the best interests of our clients.


We are able to deal skillfully and promptly with any new situations or difficulties we encounter. We are recognized as industry leaders because of our consistent track record of real estate success.


We always show respect and kindness to our clients–no matter what. We believe in treating others the way they want to be treated. You will never be pressured into making a decision. We are consultants because we share our expertise and we help our clients achieve real estate success.

B&B Consulting
Led by B&B Realtor Rob Sales, we look forward to helping our next real estate clients. If we sound like the kind of real estate consulting company you would be interested in working with, then by all means, gives us a call! Contact us today–ONLY if you want to experience real estate success!


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