12 Secrets To Seasonal Decor For Your B&B

12 Secrets To Seasonal Decor For Your B&B

B&B Decor should be inviting and attract your ideal guests. Moreover, when you display decor that you can update witheach season, this encourages guests to visit you throughout the year. We reveal 12 secrets to using seasonal decor items so you can make the most of your B&B Decor. We also share practical examples of seasonal themes each season. Your guests will return again and again.


Baskets are an easy way to refresh the look of your inn.

  • Spring: Rain Boots
  • Summer: Shells
  • Fall: Yarn
  • Winter: Wrapped Boxes


You can wow your guests with centerpieces in the entryway, on the dining table, and other focal points.

  • Spring: Birds in Nest
  • Summer: Lighthouses
  • Fall: Candy Corn
  • Winter: Nutcrackers

Coffee Mugs

The coffee mugs your guests use can relate to the time of year they visit.

  • Spring: Tulips
  • Summer: Sunshine
  • Fall: Scarecrow
  • Winter: Mittens

Decorative Plates

The decorative plates you display can be updated to reflect each season. 

  • Spring: Kites
  • Summer: Flip Flops
  • Fall: Pumpkins
  • Winter: Snowmen

Holiday Trees

More innkeepers are deciding to keep their trees up year-round. The decor can be updated based on seasonal holidays.

  • Spring: Bunnies
  • Summer: Patriotic
  • Fall: Leaves
  • Winter: Angels

Indoor Ladders

You can creatively use ladders indoors to decorate your inn. 

  • Spring: Carrots
  • Summer: Flamingos
  • Fall: Cornstalks
  • Winter: Gingerbread Houses

Mason Jars

Mason jars are inexpensive ways to display your seasonal decor. 

  • Spring: Paper Butterflies
  • Summer: Faux Bumblebees
  • Fall: Decorative Cranberries
  • Winter: Holiday Ornament Bulbs

Potted Plants

Because different plants bloom throughout the year, this is a great day to bring nature into your seasonal decor.

  • Spring: Lilies
  • Summer: Sunflowers
  • Fall: Mums
  • Winter: Poinsettia

Tiered Trays

Tiered trays vertically display decor that can be centered around a seasonal theme.

  • Spring: Watering Cans
  • Summer: Nautical items 
  • Fall: Hot Chocolate items
  • Winter: Stockings


Use glass or other see-through vases to allow more of your seasonal decor to be visible.

  • Spring: Lemons
  • Summer: Starfish
  • Fall: Acorns
  • Winter: Candy Canes

Welcome Mats

One of the first things your guests see as they enter your accommodations is your welcome mat. 

  • Spring: Bicycle
  • Summer: Watermelon
  • Fall: Apples
  • Winter: Holly


Wreaths may be hung outside on doors and windows. They can also be displayed indoors, on walls and doors.

  • Spring: Umbrella Wreath with Flowers
  • Summer: Ice Cream Cones
  • Fall: Pinecones
  • Winter: Snowflakes

B&B Consulting

B&B Consulting recommends getting more inspiration from the home decor ideas found in Southern Living magazine. If you are looking to buy or sell a B&B inn, contact Licensed Realtor (and former B&B Owners/Innkeeper) Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting, for expert advice.