How To Have Amazing Bed and Breakfast Curb Appeal

How To Have Amazing Bed and Breakfast Curb Appeal

Did you see that HGTV Channel show called Curb Appeal?  It was televised for twenty-six seasons. This informative show was full of tips on how to attract people to want to come inside your home.  It was about becoming the best-looking house in your neighborhood.  Owners of bed and breakfasts can strive to look so appealing from the curb, that those passing by will want to book a stay. Especially now that more people are vacationing locally.

The last thing you want is for people to visit your website that shows your bed and breakfast looking at its best, only for them be sadly disappointed when they visit and see they see that it has not been well maintained. This is why first impressions are so important, starting with your curb appeal.

Curb Appeal Questions

  • Do I have an attractive sign displaying the name of my bed and breakfast?  Well-made signs can attract the attention of others from the road.
  • Does my home look inviting?  You want it to look loved and cared for, just as you will do for your guests in showing them hospitality.
  • Is there a clear path to my front door?  Guests should not be confused about the location of the main entrance to your bed and breakfast.
  • Does my front door look welcoming?  You may need to refinish it and add a coat of fresh paint.  You may want to feature seasonal wreaths on it. Some even inns have front doors with stained glass.
  • Is there an outdoor focal point that tells guests where to look first?  This could be a fountain, bench, walkway, tree, or anything else attractive.
  • Do I have an attractive way to distinguish the boundaries of my property from that of my neighbors?  This could be fencing with landscaping inside your yard.  Or it could be trimmed hedges that add an attractive border.
  • Is my lawn well-manicured?  The key is to consistently mow and fertilize so that it is easy to maintain and you have the greenest turf on your street.  If your yard needs to be revitalized, talk to some local lawn care companies.
  • Do my windows sparkle and shine?  Make sure that windows are clean.  If they need replacing, go green with energy efficient windows.
  • Do I need to have anything repaired? This means looking at things like your roofing, gutters, decks, and siding.  Make sure that nothing is rotted.  Have regular pest inspections performed.
  • Are my driveways and walkways safe, clean, and attractive?  This could mean power-washing, repairing brick as well as repairing stonework and concrete.
  • Do I have any dead or diseased plants or trees that need removing?    Trim shrubs, prune overgrown plants, and remove dead trees and their stumps.
  • Do I have a variety of evergreens and flowering shrubs?  Group plants by height and layer the groups for visual interest.  You can also vary the colors and textures.
  • Is there something that sets my yard apart from others?  This could be a gazebo, a pond, a fountain, statues, porches, and swings.
  • Do I have plants in pots or urns in eye-catching places like near steps and walkways?  Some people prefer a symmetrical look at the front door with the same thing on each side of the front door.
  • Do I have a garden of some kind for guests to enjoy?  This could be a flower garden, rock garden, or a vegetable garden. You can even grow your own spices to flavor your meals.
  • Do I have a plan for irrigation?  Depending upon your climate, ideally you have sprinklers for hot and dry times of the year.
  • Is everything that is painted on my property look clean and bright?  You never want guests to see cracked or peeling paint.  It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to revive the look of something.
  • At night, will my guests be able to see when they return to my bed and breakfast?  There should be enough outdoor lighting that it is safe and attractive for guests to come back to your inn.  Any paths they should walk should be well lit.
  • Provide a Great First Impression

    Thus, it is important that your property gives passersby a great first impression. Wow your bed and breakfast guests! Set your guests at ease that they made the right choice to stay at your bed and breakfast.  Help them feel sure of their decision from the very moment they see your property and they instantly love your bed and breakfast curb appeal.

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