Why This Makes For Popular Social Media Content

Why This Makes For Popular Social Media Content

Looking for popular social media content? There are specific types of content that innkeepers can share via social media to get big results. The key is to consistently feature a variety of content that is aimed at attracting your target audience, the type of guests you serve. No two bed and breakfast inns are alike. However, there are some common social media topics that work well for a wide range of accommodations. 


Potential guests enjoy seeing what amenities are available to them during their stay. Be sure to show pictures of your amenities such as a private balcony in their guest room that overlooks a gorgeous view. 

Behind the Scenes

Let guests feel like there are “an insider” by sharing a sneak peek at something most people don’t see is quite popular (such as the pictures before, during, and after a newly remodeled area of your inn). Show details like the furniture, woodworking, and art. 

Blog Posts

Regularly writing blog posts keeps you top of mind with guests and the search engines reward fresh content by giving your website a more prominent place. Make sure to share your blog posts on social media. By consistently blogging and sharing blog posts on social media, you will earn a strong online presence. 


Feature what you want your inn to be known for including your logo and slogan (which represents your hospitality business). Only share messages you want associated with your brand. For example, reassure guests of the extra measures you implement to protect their health and safety (a key to their locked guest room, separate dining tables for guests, outdoor lighting at night, etc.). 


Extending generous hospitality is part of your signature as a provider of accommodations. Be sure to share guest testimonials show appreciation for your hospitality. You may also feature some of the quotes on your website as well. 


If you or your inn are celebrating a milestone (like 10 or more years in business), then by all means feature that in your social media. With their permission, you can even feature the milestones your guests are celebrating (such as birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions). 


Social media networking occurs as you interact with your public. This includes previous guests and potential guests as well as local organizations with whom you want to keep in touch (such as your Chamber of Commerce or local Welcome Center). 

Niche Related Topics

This depends upon the ideal guests your inn wants to attract. This is also referred to as your target market. Your inn could be pet-friendly, on a farm, and/or historic. Feature those things that attract your ideal guests. Pictures are extremely useful in attracting potential guests. 


Feature your guest packages in your popular social media content. Show pictures of what comes with each package (like a romantic package that includes rose petals scattered on their bed). It is perfectly fine to occasionally promote extra products and services your guests can purchase. Guests will appreciate the thought and care you put into it, so they can impress their loved ones. 


Almost every social media post should have an attractive or attention-getting picture with it. Wow your guests by letting them see what they will experience. Professional photographs are essential to attracting guests. 


Be sure to feature any positive press you receive. You can also set up a Press Kit on your website, which lists links to every mention of your inn in the media. Be sure to provide the name and contact information for who they should request for interviews. 


Whether you have your own gift shop or sell a handful of things like T-shirts and coffee mugs, you can share the occasional picture of your merchandise. Of course, for every promotional post or tweet, you should have four or five social media posts that do not. 


Always share something that enhances your reputation, such as your high average guest rating. If you are a member of Select Registry or a bed and breakfast association, then be sure to include that in social media. Add their respective logos to your website. 


Guests love to get a look at where they are staying BEFORE they book their rooms. Professional photographs of all of your rooms and guest bathrooms are essential to attracting guests. 


Engagement happens when people interact with your content. By asking your social media audience questions, you are encouraging them to respond and interact with you. 


Quotes are always popular. They could be said by a famous or notable person or centered around topics such as love and travel. 


Be willing to share some of your most popular recipes in social media or provide information if you or your B&B association offers a cookbook. Remember to share appetizing pictures along with your recipes. 


It is always popular to promote the seasons in social media. These can be outdoor pictures as well as decor pictures. You can offer seasonal packages or specials as well. 


Stories are memorable. When you share your own story (how you became an innkeeper) or the stories of your guests (like the couple who returns every year to your inn), you develop a connection with your readers. 


Testimonials are a great way to share the awesome things guests are saying about you (without being the one to brag about it)! People trust reviews from guests who have stayed with you. That is why guest satisfaction is so important. 

Trending Topics

On Twitter, there is always a list of trending topics. If there is something trending that is positive, relevant, and you’d like to mention it, then you should. 


Make getting to know more about your inn or your location fun with trivia facts you can share in social media. Some social media contests have guests guess how many of something is in the glass jar (like M&M candies) and the closest answer wins something like a free overnight stay. 

User-Generated Content

If a guest shares a great picture they took and gives you permission to post it, then by all means do so and be sure to give them credit for their image. You can also share guest comments you have received. If they wrote their comments in a guest book, you can even take a picture of their comments. 


Video content is in high demand. According to the Wall Street Journal, over one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each day. The videos can also feature your local area. 


By consistently varying your popular social media content, you will attract an even greater social media following. Contact Rob Sales of B&B Consulting, a former B&B innkeeper who is an experienced, licensed B&B realtor.