How to Stay Top of Mind with Guests

How to Stay Top of Mind with Guests

Now, more than ever, it’s important to stay top of mind with guests. Building and maintaining awareness for your accommodations can happen in a variety of ways.

Stay Top of Mind Online

The quickest way to reach people is by going online. Your website should be the central hub for all your communications.

Blogging is a great way to regularly share fresh content (which makes you more visible in search engines). There’s always something to blog about, including the interests of your typical guests, special guest packages, your fresh gourmet breakfasts, recent remodeling or redecorating areas, your amenities, your rooms, and much more.

Email Marketing allows you to stay in touch with those who share their email with you, including previous guests. These e-newsletters should be brief yet a fun reminder of what they can experience during their stay with you. Be sure to share at least a couple of pictures within your email. Also, include at least one link to your website (such as a recent blog post and/or your booking link).

Social Media Marketing enables you to reach people you may not otherwise have reached. Once you choose the networks that your ideal guests use the most, then you can stay active on them to stay top of mind. You can even include recent guest testimonials (as social proof of your hospitality excellence).


Stay Top of Mind Locally

Local Businesses:

You may have other local businesses as partners. This could be a referral-based partner (for example, your guests will get a free dessert when they dine at your recommended local place–in exchange for your having referred them). Partners can also come from you and/or your partner providing services (for example, you partner with a local caterer, or you provide catering to other local businesses).

Local Community:

People in your local community may be more willing to be local “staycation” guests. Before people may feel comfortable hopping on planes or going on cross-country road trips, they may be more ready to travel locally. Have a professional-looking sign that shows you welcome local guests as well. Sometimes people want to get away without really getting away.

Local Press:

You can issue a press release to local news and other press. This can be done with any new announcement (even for your bed and breakfast re-opening).


Stay Top of Mind in Organizations

Your membership in associations like The Association of Lodging Professionals allows you to stay actively involved in ongoing industry discussions. You can share best practices with other innkeepers as well as learn from the expertise of Vendor Members.

Your local Chamber of Commerce or another local business group is another place to stay active. Learn how you can help your community thrive and make the best of economic downtimes.

If you volunteer at a local charitable organization, this is another way to stay top of mind. Your interactions with those in the organization (and with those the organization helps) will spread the word about your accommodations.


When You Need Advice

As always, Rob Sales of B&B Consulting is available for you to contactwhen you need advice. B&B Consulting is glad to serve as a resource. Rob will answer your questions and/or refer you to the best solution.