What Association Membership Can Do For You

Whether buying or selling, B&B Consulting focuses on what hospitality association membership can do for you. These associations advocate for the B&B industry. They show how much the hospitality industry (especially bed and breakfast Inns) contributes to the economy.


Partnerships With Other Associations

Association memberships can come with partnerships with other associations. For example, membership in the North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns (NCBBI) also means membership in the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (NCRLA). NCBBI members can attend their Annual Expo at no cost. Plus, NCRLA provides free legal representation should you need it.


Marketing On Your Inn’s Behalf

Often membership includes:

  • B&B association brochures and rack cards.
  • Available at welcome centers, and as well as visitor bureaus.
  • On display at the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Free at other member inns and tourism attractions.
  • Mailed along with requests for state tourism magazines.
  • Complimentary marketing with e-newsletters, and as well as social media.


Peer Support and Mentoring

Collaboration with fellow members means peer support through sharing, networking, learning, encouraging, exchanging lessons learned, and as well as tips to enhance the lodging experience of guests. Often seasoned innkeepers can mentor less experienced innkeepers. They promote the profitability of all the members as well as their sustainability.


Cookbooks and Travel Planners

Many hospitality associations develop cookbooks (which feature the members and allows innkeepers to sell to their guests at retail for a profit. Some state B&B associations produce travel planners (print or online) as well as allow you to search on their association website. For the area events, specials, and as well as attractions near each member inn.


Gift Certificates

Possible participation in a gift certificate program that allows for reimbursement of gift certificates redeemed. The North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns association reimburse for 100% of the amount used from the gift certificate. Also, they do not take a percentage for the referral.


Inspection Certification

Most state B&B associations require member inspections. Being an inspection-certified member shows guests that the inn has evaluated to meet the highest of standards. Also, it is the criteria with guest safety, comfort, and as well as hospitality.


Networking and Referrals

The networking and as well as referrals that come with associations can be very beneficial. If you (or a fellow member inn) are full, you refer the guests to your local member. Also, they do the same for you.


Member Pages and Links

Association websites may offer their members an exclusive page with any of the following information and as well as links:

  • Inn Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Photos
  • Amenities
  • Specials
  • Contact information
  • Availability calendar
  • Online reservations
  • Link to your own website, social media, and as well as blog


Real Estate Listings

Members of associations may be able to post their real estate listings (inns for sale) on the association’s website. B&B Buyers are reassured by B&B Sellers, who have membership in associations. As mentioned, there are many advantages to belonging to a bed and breakfast association. This is what association membership can do for you!


B&B Consulting

Realtor Rob Sales of B&B Consulting a former owner and innkeeper with his wife Jane. He is a member of several B&B associations. Including North Carolina Bed and Breakfast InnsSouth Carolina Bed and Breakfast Association, and as well as the Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (a national organization). As well as, he is happy to introduce you to any of these groups. It should be new to innkeeping, as well as new to belonging to one of these associations.