Why Rob is the Right Bed and Breakfast Consultant For You

Why Rob is the Right Bed and Breakfast Consultant For You

Looking for the right bed and breakfast consultant? The Rob Sales, of B&B Consulting, shared this in a video:

Passion For Helping

“I have this passion for helping people live their dreams. The purchase of a bed and breakfast inn is to many people the dream situation. B&B Consulting is the result of a 25-year project. We started in 1991 when we attended our first bed and breakfast seminar. We moved to Savannah in 1997. Also, we purchased our first inn. Over that same time period, I have been a licensed real estate agent in Georgia and South Carolina. As well as, five years ago, I became a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina.”

Evaluating B&B Properties

“I actually love the real estate business. I love the bed and breakfast business and now I’m able to combine the two of them. I can think of nothing more enjoyable than traveling over this three-state region visiting people, visiting innkeepers, helping them to evaluate their properties. The main aim in doing this is to make sure people make the right decisions. Whether they are buying or selling an inn. Also, we offer services as a consultant, former innkeepers, and that of a licensed real estate agent in all three states.”

Experienced Innkeeper

“The significant difference between B&B Consulting and other consultants. Other real estate agents is that we are both. We have owned inns and we have licensed realtors in all three states. Therefore, being able to represent you in the purchase of real estate and business in the bed and breakfast industry.”

Representing Buyers and Sellers

“It is my pleasure to go look at real estate, analyze it, evaluate, make recommendations on which properties should be seen. Also, we use years of experience as far as in real estate and the bed and breakfast industry to help people make the correct decision. Our goal over the next three to five years is to travel regularly throughout the three states of Georgia, South Carolina, and as well as North Carolina. The main aim is to become the premier consultant, real estate broker in those three states representing buyers and sellers of inns. To make sure that people make the right decision. When they work with us to confirm whether they should buy or should sell a bed and breakfast inn.”

Member of Association of Lodging Professionals

Contact Rob Sales of B&B Consulting today at (912) 655-7674 or email him at (rob@bandbconsulting.us). He lives in Savannah, Georgia with his wife Jane. He regularly travels throughout North Carolina and South Carolina as well. Rob Sales is now a member of the Association of Lodging Professionals. We welcome you to find out for yourself why Rob Sales is the right bed and breakfast consultant for you.