What's Different About  B&B Consulting?

Hello, I'm Rob Sales, Licensed Realtor and Broker and the Owner of B&B Consulting. What’s different about us is that we are not just consultants, we are also bed and breakfast brokers and realtors. 

You don’t have to leave your office to get assistance in any of these areas. It alone can save you valuable time and money in your search for the perfect bed and breakfast.

We also have the added experience of having been bed and breakfast owners. Trust us! We know what it’s like to buy, sell, and operate successful bed and breakfasts because we have done it ourselves.

We know what it takes to realize the dream of owning a B&B as well as the rewards you can experience as a result of all your hard work.

Benefits Received by Rob's Clients:

Expertise and Experience

With his vast industry experience, Rob brings invaluable expertise to the table. His in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and the intricacies of starting a bed and breakfast enables him to provide strategic insights and advice, giving you a competitive edge.

Personalized Guidance

Rob understands that every client has unique needs and goals. By adopting a personalized approach, he ensures your specific requirements are addressed and that you receive tailored guidance throughout the process of buying or selling a property or starting a B&B. This individualized attention maximizes the chances of achieving your desired outcomes.

Trust and Integrity

As a licensed realtor, Rob operates under a strict ethics code, placing your interests first. You can trust that he will act professionally and ethically, maintaining confidentiality and ensuring transparent communication at every step. This trustworthiness instills confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Comprehensive Support

Hiring Rob means gaining access to a wide range of services. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, Rob's expertise in real estate transactions will guide you smoothly through the process. Moreover, his consulting services for aspiring inn owners will provide invaluable insights into the industry, helping you make informed decisions and set up a successful bed and breakfast venture.

Time and Efficiency

By entrusting Rob with your B&B real estate needs, you save time and effort. His comprehensive services and expert guidance streamline the process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life. With Rob by your side, you can efficiently navigate the real estate market and hospitality industry, making the most of your resources.

B&B Consulting: What We Do & Why

You May Be Wondering...

B&B Real Estate | Bed & Breakfast for Sale

If you seek to buy or sell a B&B in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, we are licensed and qualified to make it happen! We will even drive anywhere within a 6-hour radius to help make your bed and breakfast dreams come true.
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Making Your Georgia, North Carolina, & South Carolina B&B Real Estate Dreams Come True!

Having owned B&B inns ourselves, we know how exciting it is to take steps towards making your dream a reality. We also understand that the task of finding, evaluating, purchasing, and selling B&B inns, can be daunting.

B&B Real Estate Consulting

beach bed and breakfast

B&B Consulting is a one-stop shop to answer all these answers & more.

Our team consists of inn consultants, brokers, & Realtors to one point of contact.  We are all focused on the B&B industry.

Historic Bed and Breakfast

We show you B&B inns for sale and on the market. 

We know how to accurately evaluate the business.

We can draw up contracts for purchase or for sale.

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Our team helps you put the pieces together to make your dreams come true.

We can guide you on how to be a more successful B&B owner and grow your hospitality business applying proven best practices.

Stay Informed about B&B Real Estate & Innkeeping.

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Testimonials about B&B Consulting

the letter "A" for Alicia

I met Rob Sales at an inn-keeping convention, and as soon as I met Rob, I knew he would be a strong asset for me in acquiring the inn of my dreams.
We met in March 2019, and he hit the floor running. Acquiring my inn proved to be a bit more difficult than either of us estimated, but Rob hung in every step of the way, paving the path for each next step.
Rob is personable, knowledgeable, professional, a definite "go-getter". I had no doubt that Rob listened to what I wanted, offered strong advice and options. He was patient and persistent, and I felt that he was definitely looking out for my best interests.
Both he and his wife, Jane, provided strong input and insight throughout the entire process. I was able to close on my inn December, 2019 - eight months after meeting him. And as many are aware, 2020 offered more challenges than anyone ever expected.
I am extremely grateful for everything Rob did to not only help me acquire my inn, but also to help me be a successful business owner with a strong business, even in the face of a pandemic.
Rob is well known and fondly thought of by innkeepers throughout the Asheville and Western North Carolina areas, regardless of whether he was part of their business team or not. I'm fortunate that he was on my team. I'm more fortunate to consider both Rob and Jane friends.

Alicia Wilson,

B&B Owner & Innkeeper

Kevin from North Lodge on Oakland B&B

We have been working with Rob Sales at B&B Consulting now for well over 2 years as he was the selling Agent when we bought North Lodge on Oakland.
Rob and his team are exemplary and total professionals. Whenever we had any questions or clarity items, Rob was right there assisting us every step of the way.
Any seller or buyer for that matter should feel honored to be represented by Rob as he is a consummate professional. 

Kevin, Owner/Operator,

 North Lodge on Oakland B&B

North Lodge on Oakland
Emerson quote
PJ Homer

My sister, Suzy, and I wanted to purchase a Bed & Breakfast. After two years of looking, we narrowed down our search to the Carolina's and Georgia.
Coincidentally, during this time frame we met Rob Sales of B&B Consulting at an Innkeeper's conference in Norfolk, VA. On our way home he suggested we take a look at two of his properties; one in Asheville and the other in Savannah.
Both properties were amazing however as soon as we walked in the door of the Savannah property we knew this was the place we would call our new home.
Rob was there every step of the way assisting us through the loan process, the inspection process, obtaining the required business licenses and so much more!!!
Who knew there was so much involved when purchasing an inn. His knowledge in real estate and his previous experience as an innkeeper were truly invaluable.
And, on top of being exceptionally good at his job, he is also such a personable individual. After our first meeting, we knew we’d made a friend forever. Thank you, Rob!

PJ Homer,

B&B Owner & Innkeeper

Rob Sales, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Founder & Owner of B&B Consulting

B&B Consulting logo

B&B Consulting has the most qualified bed and breakfast consultants to escort you through the entire process of purchasing or selling your B&B inn located in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia!

Contact us today as a first step toward making your B&B dream of owning or selling a B&B inn a reality.

Licensed Realtor Rob Sales, B&B Consulting

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